Elytra (Prototype) and EMC

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Based on 15w41b, do you think Elytra will be fair for Empire Minecraft. Explain why or why not.

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  1. Elytra


    With the release of the recent Minecraft 1.9 snapshot 15w41b, Elytra (a bug's wings) were added. These wings allow the player to glide and soar through the air over long distances. However, they cannot gain altitude during their flight. Therefore, the user will have to eventually land. Also, Elytra have durability that depletes as they're used. When the Elytra's durability runs out, they won't break. Instead, their item texture changes to appear tattered and the Elytra becomes unusable until repaired at an anvil with leather.

    A pair of Elytra is found inside every End Ship in the End. So, this item is intended to be an end-game item, after you've defeated the Ender Dragon.

    Even though Elytra are limited per world and don't allow infinite flight, some people apart of Empire Minecraft are skeptical about how they'll affect the gameplay. A similar case happened with slime blocks last year during development of 1.8. That too made some people skeptical.

    So, I'm here to talk about the Elytra and wether or not I think they'll be ok for EMC. Remember that the following information below is opinionated, and some of your opinions might be against mine.;)

    Alright, here I go:

    For years, many Minecraft Multiplayer Servers have viewed flying outside of Creative (and now also Spectator Mode) to be not fair. Flying appeared to give players too much of an advantage with little to no effort. I understand this policy.

    Today, we know Mojang is working on an exclusive item for flying in 1.9: Elytra. This item, unlike hacking to fly, will take a lot of effort to initially acquire. Elytra are only found in the End Ships in the new outer rim of the End.

    For Empire Minecraft, we could see these to go under extremely high demand for players, but they're only so many pairs of Elytra in a world to supply. Other options of getting them could be to buy them from the Empire Shop with rupees OR purchase them with tokens.
    Another idea I have is to introduce Wasteland worlds for the End. That way, Elytra can always be acquired without interaction with the economy. However, adding End Wastelands could be more resource-intensive for all of the servers and the current End might then only accessible with End Portals in the Wild Frontier. Not every portal across all frontiers has been located, so for some SMP servers, getting to the old End will be more difficult. So, out of the two options, I personally don't want End Wastelands. They aren't necessary, and they'll be more problematic for players and the EMC Staff.

    Second, do I think Elytra will be game-breaking for EMC? No, absolutely not. Maybe, they could be banned for some events when necessary. Anyway, they're a new and fun way to explore the Frontier and Wasteland Worlds. There's also a lot of creativity that can be applied to these too, despite their current lack of physical customization. For example: parkour designers could design their courses to require the player to use their Elytra in skillful and/or creative ways to proceed. You could also try to race with these with somebody else or try to defeat a mob with only ariel attacks. The possibilities of Elytra are endless.
    It would be really a shame if Akair and the other Empire Minecraft developers prevented us from using these wings.:oops:

    So, what do you think about Elytra at the moment? Do you think they're appropriate for EMC? Do you think they're don't fit in anywhere on the servers? Share your thoughts, as you please
    (I promise that I won't get too sensitive with your replies; they're your opinions).;)
  2. Fun Fact: Elytra is each of the two wing cases of a beetle.
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