Elytra dyeable?

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  1. Hey all, quick question.

    Can we dye the Elytra on EMC?
  2. Nope... but that WOULD be cool D: It'd have to be implemented by Mojang though, and not Empire Minecraft first. ^^;
  3. No but if you have a cape on your skin the Elytra will take its color and/or design when you wear it.
  4. Will give it a shot! Very informative guys, much appreciated
  5. Mojang's web team is working on allowing everyone's skin to support a custom elytra texture. There's also a new MC launcher in the works by Dinnerbone that'll allow you to change your skin directly in it.
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  6. I'll look into that, thank you. :)
  7. That's only for official capes sadly my batman one doesn't show up or else I would look cool in the sky
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  8. So it doesn't work if I were to change my skin then? I'm not quite sure by what you mean "official capes"
  9. Cape as in, Mojang capes, minecon capes.
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  10. How did u get it?
  11. you donate $10 to optifine
  12. Elytra does not work with optifine capes.
  13. ah sorry I read that wrong then hang on

    the "official" capes are ones given out at minecon(any other minecraft even im unaware of),they override the normal look of elytra to match the cape.
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  14. But how did u get ir cape, is it only visible to u?
  15. You have to have the Optifine mod installed and donate to Optifine. Only those with optifine installed can see your cape. Even if they haven't donated they can see other capes.
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  16. Well this is all very informative an all but I can't get OptiFine due to Java issues with my ancient overpowered laptop.
    Soooo in conclusion to my original question, I can't officially have it naturally altered. Alright. lol Thread closed
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  17. Correct.
  18. You can make an elytra transparent if you wear enchanted chain boots. :)
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  19. Any enchanted armor that wont take the chestplaye slot
  20. I can help u im a JAVA BAWSE
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