Elder Scrolls Online!

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  1. So, Elder Scrolls Online comes out next month for PC/Mac
    Then in june it comes out for PS4 and Xbox One!

    Who is ready!

    ( This was a poorly made thread )
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  2. I'd love to play, but I took an arrow to the knee :cool:
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  3. I was ready to play when it was supposed to be released, but now the hype is gone. Watched a friend play the beta, and I am not impressed to be honest. I usually love the ES games, but this is just bad.
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  4. :eek:

    Seize the non believer!
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  5. I am free advertising for almost all Bethesda games, but not this one lol.
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  6. He is not the only one, this "closed beta" crap they were doing was just for hype, when the info was leaked the majority truly saw how terrible the game is. (compared to the hype)
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  7. Wayyyyy too overpriced $20? (£15) a month I'll stick to Runescape at £4 a month thanks.
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  8. Exactly. When the game was thought to be a great upcoming title, people were expected to be selling extra beta keys (my friend got two keys in his invite, so I suspect everyone did). After it came out though, I witnessed many people denying people offering them for free lol.
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  9. I don't like it what I would like is if they rerealease all the former games with an online aspect... Take Oblivion for example the only way people could duel is we could use the arena or mage duels and fighters guild duels... so much we could do with ES games it's not even funny... #SkyrimsCrucible
  10. Honestly, I am the most loyal Skyrim-fan in the world. (I play on Xbox because my computer is straight crap.) When I heard about ESO (over a year ago), I was bubbling with excitement. When I heard that you'll have to pay $15 (or is it $20) a month, I was not discouraged. My friends tell me the the beta sucks, I'm going to go broke, and that its just going to be World of Warcraft on Xbox, but I still supported this game.

    However, when I found out that it got moved back AGAIN to SEPTEMBER, I had to draw the line.

    I really love Skyrim (as in 350+ playing hours (and still going)), but I am not too sure about this. I even bought an Xbox One in November JUST to play this game, which was supposed to be released in March at the time.

    In the end though, when it does get released (if it does get released), I will jump back on the bandwagon and be instantly addicted. Sure it may be the most important year of High School for me then, "but i mean, c-c-c-come on," its freakin Elder Scrolls. Its going to be worth throwing away your future. Its gotta be....
  11. I was ready to buy a ps4 that came with it, then my friend showed me his custom pc now I am saving my money for a custom PC go aldmiri dominion!
  12. Wood Elf till I die
  13. Imperial Golden Tongue, no better feeling than killing someone in broad daylight then calming everyone and fast traveling. (Oblivion fan) However in Skyrim I found that being a Khajit was my character, sneaking around every corner is just hilarious when there's torches next to you and they still can't see you.
  14. they messed up so bad on the guilds the aldmiri dominion is gonna be such op
  15. Don't confuse Bethesda and Elder Scrolls games with ESO. ES Online is made by Zenimax, with some input from Bethesda, but these are very, very different games. The Beta doesn't "suck," it's a pretty decent MMO. But it abides by all the covenants of MMO gameplay, to its detriment. The open nature of an Elder Scrolls title cannot be forced into such strictures - quest-locked areas, level-restricted armor, and so forth. It's all wrong for the kind of game TES is meant to be. Hell, you can't even play a proper mage (learning spells) outside a few class-specifics.

    Zenimax tried to make an MMO first and an Elder Scrolls game second, and in doing so they've dropped the ball in both courts.
    They said "we can't do any race/any faction because it's integral to the story and environment" and then made it a pre-order perk.
    They're charging $60 for the game, $15/mo subscription, and still locked one of the races (Imperials) behind the Collector's Edition paywall. Plus a cash shop, on top of that.

    Bottom line, do not waste your time, your money, or your drive space on this game, and do not encourage Zenimax to think this was a good idea.
  16. Amen to that.
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  17. And that too :)
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  18. Same.
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  19. You know, I used to take arrows to the knees, then I took a mace to the face... I never complained about my knees again...
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  20. "Arrow to the knee" does not mean what you think it means.
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