1. I need someone to make a little egg collecter
    Anyone interested ?
  2. All you really need for one is a few chickens on some hoppers and have the hoppers Lead to a chest.
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  3. I suppose i could if you really need me to.. they are super simple to setup though.
  4. Well gamerlord what's the price your looking to get paid
    (I will provide the mats)
  5. I can do it for free depending on what server you are on. ( just not smp8 or 5)
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  6. you could still do it on 5 since i can show u the way back
  7. I know the way back I am just lazy, as you know.
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  8. I'm on smp3
    /v chespinlover77-3
    I will have to give you perms tommorow though ;)
  9. I will also need mats. just whatever block you want it made out of, some ice, and 4 hoppers.
  10. So I will give u water as sub for ice is that OK?
    I will give u stone bricks for the structure.
    And then 4 hoppers.
    I can manage that ;)
  11. Will Do :)
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  12. See you tommorow then ;)
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  13. Just now got a chance to get on the forums.. never really planned to charge anything lol. but seems like you got someone. just let me know if i can help in any way :)
  14. OK thnxs gamerlord I will keep u in mind ;)
  15. From my experience, egg machines on EMC aren't very effective. You need well over 100 chickens to yield any reasonably result and there is a 100 entity limit per res. You could build it in the wild to have a max ent count of 250 though, but, just like building one on your res, that machine's chunk needs to remain loaded in the server for it to work. I did try building one in the wild, but it was griefed and destroyed within 24 hours :-( Your best bet is to crowd source the production of egg machines on other peoples res' . The more machines you get built on other resses the more eggs you yield.

    Just out of curiosity, why do you need so many eggs?
  16. not sure what experience you have but I setup a very simple egg collector once and I ended up with over 50 DCs of eggs in a very short amount of time... I ended up taking it down simply because it was ridiculous to have that many eggs
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  17. I have quite a lot of experience in egg machines on and off EMC. I currently have 14 egg machines spread across EMC. Each chicken takes around 5 minutes to lay an egg. Therefore if you spend your entire entcap on chickens, you are getting 100 eggs every 5 minutes, provided that someone stays on or around your res to keep that chunk loaded in memory. I am not disputing your success with eggs, I am merely enquiring more on your methods. The most successful egg machine I have seen is Kyzoy's on res 7500. He has 2 resses next to each other and, as a result of this, has managed to make an egg machine with 170 chickens in it. I believe this is a record for EMC and if anyone can prove me wrong please do. With the amount of traffic his mall gets, its basically always loaded into server memory and he gets nowhere near the amount of eggs you claim to get.

    Hopefully this isn't just posturing on your part, and you actually have some useful tips you can share with the egg loving community on how to increase egg production. Come by my res on smp3 by typing /v +KFC and you will see why I need loads of eggs, and it could be worthwhile financially to yourself, if you were to impart some useful insight on how to increase production.

    What's your secret?

    Did you AFK quite a bit?

    What did you do with all those eggs? ( Ill buy them from you if you still have them)