Eclipsys Master Building Services!

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    Hello peoples of the Empire!

    I present to you: Eclipsys' Master Building Services! If you need a nice stylish mansion or castle built, you can hire me to build it for you! I'll build anything the costumer requires and give it my own little twist!

    Here are some of my previous creations:

    - SMP pack A:
    Cost: 50,000 rupees
    Specifics: I'll build ANYTHING you want
    YOU supply the materials

    - SMP pack B:
    Cost: 70,000 rupees
    Specifics: I'll build ANYTHING you want
    I buy the materials myself

    - Utopia pack:
    Utopia plots are quite big, therefore I charge higher prices for these projects. If you wish to buy a Utopia pack, please start a conversation with me (HERE) and give me an idea of what you want me to build for you, then I can give an price estimate!

    If you wish to hire me, please contact me trough a private conversation on the forums!

    Please note that I'm currently working on 2 projects for customers! If you wish to hire me you'll be placed on the waiting list!

  2. He builds stuff for you it is simple
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  3. Before anyone steps in and says this is a ripoff, it's not. Look at Eclipsys' previous builds, they are amazing! :D
  4. Bisc here is one of my previous customers, he seems happy with what I built for him :)
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  5. Very!
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  6. 10222 Smp5
  7. Please keep in mind: The price is high, but you pay for a quality building you can enjoy, with spatious rooms and gardens, or maybe even a pool if you require such luxurious items :)
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  9. Go TIM!!!! :D
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  10. Holy IcecreamCow! :O
    EDIT: Imagine I quoted Biscuit's post.
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  11. Thats not quality building: a dirt house is XD
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  12. Um dude, what are you smoking? Its minecraft architecture at its finest!
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  13. Holy IcrecreamCow, please explain XD??? Is that coz of the price? Or coz of the awesome stuff I can add to a mansion?
  14. sarcasm. You are prolly thinking I was serious but im getting the sense that you are kidding as well (explodes with words out of head)
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  15. Read the edit :) The mansion is amazing! :D
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  16. As I said, you pay for quality :) Eclipsion Quality
  17. It works both ways my friend ;)
  18. Can you add any photos of your buildings?
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  20. This is great! I also love John Smith TexturePack. I will think about about it.