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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Today my uncle taught me a easy workout that almost everyone can do!

    This is what you will need:
    -1 Deck Of Cards
    -Space in a room for the workout

    I suggest only doing 13 cards if you just started but as your progress you can do more.
    First take out all the jokers, you only use jokers if you are ready for them.

    Shuffle the deck and take 13 cards out. Face the cards upside down so you cant see them. Then take 1 card and look at it. If it is black do squats look at the # on the card you do that many of them, Queen, King, and Jacks are 10 and Aces are 11. If you get a red card do push ups than look at the # on the cards and do that many, Queen, King, and Jacks are 10 and Aces are 11 like before. You can change the workout moves to something different, you do not have to do push ups and squats maybe pull ups and sit ups? Whatever you want :3

    If you want a challenge put in the jokers which are worth 20 of that workout. And/or take more than 13 cards to do. Do this once a day or more if you feel the need to XD

    Red: Push Ups
    # on card: How many of them you do
    Queen, King, Jack: 10 push ups

    Red Jokers: 20 pushups
    Black Jokers: 20 squats

    Black: Squats
    # on card: How many of them you do
    Queen, King, Jack: 10 push ups

    As you progress take more cards and maybe add a joker or 2 :3

    Hope You Enjoy This!
  2. This is actually a good idea, I'm gonna add this to my daily workout routine :)
  3. Working out... and cards?

    No, thanks. I'll pass.
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  4. I prefer my workout method of repeatedly slamming my head into a wall out of frustration.
  5. I prefer brains over brawn
  6. I would rather be brains over brawn but I am so skinny with like no muscle XD yet I did manage to take down the biggest person in my class....long story XD
  7. Who do you think I am, Superman?
  8. You must tell me someday
  9. Wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure
  10. 20 pushups is fairly easy :p

    Although I can plank for like, 15 minutes and its the record for anyone in my school, so I may be a lil biased.
    I like having both. I'm not muscular at all and I'd like to say I'm brainy (GCSEs may say otherwise in August though HAHAHAHAHAHAAhahahah.haha... :(), but I hate it. There's no reason I can't have a nice body and be fit and be good at computer, history and science-y stuff. Being as skinny as I am gets you judged just as much as being fat does - I don't care when people make comments on it, I can take and make jokes about it, it's just annoying.

    I just want my arms to be buffed out a bit more like my legs are and have chest where my ribcage doesn't show through :p

    Plus I need to look good for the ladies :cool:
  11. Anyone kept up on this? Have results to share?

    I did something similar, each suit was a different movement, and i use a sandbag.

    clubs-pushup drags
    hearts-sandbag cleans
    diamonds-overhead press

    The pushup drag is easy, do a pushup and when your arms are straight, drag a sandbag underneath you from one side to the other, then repeat.

    Face cards are 15, aces are 20. Add in some cardio or VO2 max at the end.

    Oh, and sandbag weight is 74 lbs. Bumping to 100 this weekend.
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