Easy or Not Easy?

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What Difficulty Do You Normally Play On?

Peaceful 13 vote(s) 26.0%
Easy 4 vote(s) 8.0%
Normal 21 vote(s) 42.0%
Hard 12 vote(s) 24.0%
  1. This topic comes from a "discussion" (argument) that me and some of my friends had a few days back.

    Basically, while we were all playing on our shared world on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition.
    I then looked on the leaderboards and saw I was top of the list of my friends with 200+ hours played.
    One of my friends then said that was nothing good because it was all on easy difficulty and that I'm also not playing the Game properly if I'm on easy.

    Anyways, I just wanted to see what you guys thought.
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  2. I play on peaceful. I'm a wimp. You win.
  3. Nothing to be ashamed of lol.
  4. An easy peaceful mix.
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  5. Same here. I go peaceful starting out, then I turn on easy.
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  6. Mostly Peaceful. I hate survival, I really do.
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  7. There are settings other than normal? Could have fooled me. xD
  8. Normal
    - how its meant to be :)
    - not winpy
    - dont die at the mercy of a single creeper
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  9. A lot of people for peaceful lol, I was expecting everyone to be above easy.
  10. On my first days of Minecraft, I played on peaceful... Because my first night was a fail. I couldn't find coal and hid in the corner of a hill with alot of zombie moans. I turned it onto peaceful and got a cave base and a full chest of coal. I turned it onto easy during the night, and peaceful during the day.

    When beta came out, I did the same, just with normal instead.

    After 1.7.3 came out I played on hard all the time. I love it :D I barely play single player now, due to EMC. I love the risk of getting griefed in the wild on smp1. If I didn't want to get griefed, I wouldn't live in the wild. It's like hard mode but with real people with no life xD
  11. I bet you love Hardcore mode lol.
  12. It must be....
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  13. Yup. I just don't build anything too amazing. I don't last more than 3 hours usually.
  14. There's a reason I don't play survival for the most part.

    THIS is how Minecraft is meant to be played.
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  15. When I play single player I play on hard or hardcore.
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  16. For a flatmap, that's a pretty nice world you have there :)
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  17. It tends to be yes.
    Longer than me
    Hmm, Deja vu with that post, I remember seeing it somewhere before....
    But, anyway, I agree with you there. Minecraft started and got it's roots from creative and a lot of people forget that.
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  18. Hardest difficulty possible. The game is pointless if it isn't challenging.
  19. I play peaceful, ever sense I got the game I played peaceful, I want to try normal, but I just don't like fighting alone.
  20. That's basically what my friends were saying, but Normal just isn't for me.