Easter/Spring Celebrations!

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  1. It's promo time everyone!
    In celebration of US Holiday of Easter, we have a new Egg oriented promo!

    This will act as a replacement for sticks when it comes to Eggification, and when used in the wild, the cost is reduced to 50 rupees! (Half off!)

    To get the item, simply type /promo easter
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  2. First again... This is getting boring :p Also thanks to the dev team for this awesome promo =)
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  3. Slow down, you will make less spelling errors.
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  4. Spelling errors? Pssh I have this thing called "edit" it so awesome xD
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  5. Stop getting first defluxer!!!
  6. nuuu
  7. D:
  8. 7th! :p
    EDIT: 8th nuu
  9. Woop New Promo!
  10. :D New promo! :)

    Who is ready for some prices at shops to "maybe" go down? :p
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  11. Yet nothing for passover...
  12. Gotta catch em' all.
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  13. Well you see there are three options.

    1. Tons of meaningless promos for absolutely every holiday.
    2. No promos to be "fair" to all holidays.
    3. Promos that are relevant to wildly WIDELY celebrated holidays.

    We choose option three.
  14. I think you mean WIDELY, cause I dunno anyone who gets wild on Easter except kids high on sugar. >.>
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  15. Lol, oh geez, yeah you are right. xD
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  16. Can you buy extras in shop??
  17. Anika what texture pack is that!