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  1. I have been recently convinced to buy an electronic cigarette to try and replace my regular packs. Anybody know muc habout this off hadn before I go shopping for them?
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  2. I've heard about them. But I don't know much.
  3. Apparently regular cigarettes are called Analogs and they call these vapers haha
  4. Erm, don't smoke at all!! Thats probably the best advice you'll ever get!
  5. You're not a smoker. You don't realize how very very good it is. As long as you are 18. :p
  6. You're a smoker. You don't realize how very very bad it is. As long as your alive or not. :p
  7. OOOOOOH, nerone, would you like some ice for that burn? that was pretty 3rd degree. ;):p
  8. lol :p
  9. I am a smoker, and have been wanting a pack of Vapors for a long time. There are many pros for them right now. The biggest of them being, it does not contain the toxins associated with regular cigarettes. But they are also considerably tons cheaper than their analog counter parts, as well as being a water vapor that just gives a boost of nicotine, instead of filling the world around you with Second Hand smoke.

    One of things that makes it so much more popular than other habit breakers out there (ie. The Patch, and Gum) it has the same feel of smoking. That is one of the hardest parts of breaking the habit with a healthier one, is that habit of having a cigarette in your hand. This gives the feel of smoking and has been described perfectly.

    Now, just like analog cigarettes there are many brands, and makes, so finding the one you enjoy more may take some time, but make sure you get at least your money out of one before trading for another. Because those starter packs are still a little bit of a hit to the wallet initially. You should also educate yourself on the legal types of your area, because some of the 'liquids' which are needed in some brands, to tend to be slightly toxic when not a vapor. So they are outlawed in some areas.

    Many vapers will tell you that you can smoke in restaurants and such with them. before doing that, ensure with the business owner or a manager of sorts, as it still looks like a cigarette, and the confusion could cause unneeded hassle.
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  10. ^ that right there should scream at you to just not smoke these stupid things.
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  11. Smoking is bad. I do not recommend it for anyone. But it is something that some people do, just like any other thread, I would ask that if you do not have something to add to the conversation/question asked, then please do not post. This thread was appropriate titled, and the question up front, so posting things like 'You should stop' is unwarranted. Any excuse for why those posts are here are moot as the title has 'Cigarette' in it. And the OP is two sentences long and very clear. So that means that you posting those things here have have no excuse. So please dont. Many people do things others do not agree with. But, if they choose to do them, it is not your place to tell them not to. The amount of posts going after individuals are getting out of hand, and will start to warrant punishment.
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  12. It's peoples' decision weather to smoke or not. That's it, don't judge.
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  13. Yeah until you become like my dad who had cancer, can only eat the same 4 things now, had a hole in his neck and throat for 8 months and was out of commission for 2 years able to do next to nothing.
  14. I am a former smoker, quit cold-turkey 6 years ago when i realized one morning how much i really didn't want or need such a toxic habit (both body and wallet). Since then i have also looked at the e-cigarettes, and from all the research have found exactly what ISMOOCH describes. They do seem to be considerably cheaper, and mimic the action of smoking almost well enough to feel like the real thing. They can also come in many flavours (chocolate...coffee...yummmmm), with or without nicotine, which can make them quite a handy quitting device if you are looking to proceed down that avenue.

    I think the biggest downside is the reasonably high startup cost, which includes the batteries/charger and some cartridges, after which the cost is somewhat reduced. I would definitely recommend trying one before purchasing if possible, maybe a local tobacconist may have a sample, or be able to show you or more accurately explain the options available to you. All in all i would say go for it, you have nothing really to lose, and possibly some health and financial benefits to gain from it if you find you like it. :)
  15. Point heard ;)
  16. What about thoes lollies...
    They tast good...
    Where I live smoking has a really bad name...
    You can't even own a store with tabaco in the name.
  17. I bought a few of the disposable ones earlier today and have tried it in place of smokign a few of my analogs on breaks etc. They are much more.. minty than I expected.
  18. But did they satisfy your body's craving for those naughty substances?
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  19. I didn't know people cared about how they were killing themselves....
    If they help the environment, that's better, but you should try to quit.
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  20. Just a word to everyone who does not smoke. Electronic Cigarettes do not contain the harmful toxins that are associated with regular cigarettes and quickly becoming a suggested tool to ween one of the more horrible counter parts. All the electronic ones contain is water vapor, and nicotine, and some flavoring if you choose so. It is about as harmful as eating chocolate, which, by the way, is just as addictive, if not more, than cigarettes. Smoking is not healthy. Neither is pizza, but you know what, I like to eat pizza, because it tastes good. Cigarettes are hard to quit once you decide you want to. You have the physical addiction to nicotine, which is hard to get over, and the habit of having something in your hand, as well as the feeling of the smoke. Smoking is not cool, and I would never tell someone it is. But, its habit, and I dont feel like quitting personally, even knowing it is bad for me. Just because I am an adult and can make that decision. However, if I can get the same feeling, and the same comfort and stress relief I personally associate with cigarettes in an electronic version that is healthier for me, and those I am around, then I feel like it is a good step in the right direction for that day I decide I do not want to do it anymore. I also feel that others that decide to that are making a good choice as well. I do not walk into bars and tell other people that drinking is bad. I do not tell others that their beliefs are bad. I feel like if you are the age to make choices, they are yours. I do not think someone is less of a person because of that. I never say 'Hey, you are a nice guy' and then turn around and say 'Oh you smoke? get Away from me'. I have not been a smoker long, and was that way long before I started. People have the right to make their decisions, and should be allowed to ask a question, especially one regarding a healthier decision, without having to worry of the ridicule of a populous.

    Its not even just with smoking, everyone here needs to be a little more let up. Everyone here has just as much power to speak as the next person. We are all equals here. I do not like that some people are associated with 'bad ideas' and 'bad threads'. Every conversation should be a new one. Every thread unrelated. Because if a forum is not an 'open forum'... what is?
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