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  1. Hello everyone! We are a couple who both play and after a few years of time away from minecraft, we've finally found a server we like enough to start playing agian - here!

    My name is Ben and simplisticbeings is Sidney. We're both in our early twenties and pretty friendly!

    We'd love to make some friends to mine with, build with, etc.

    Feel free to chat! We're on mostly every night.
  2. Welcome to emc! what server are you guys on?
  3. Welcome to the both of you! ^_^

    If you guys are looking for shops, interesting builds, or free public farms to help get you started; type /v +directory To visit the teleport hub on your server that will have all those things listed for your server. Smp7 and utopia though I believe are the only 2 that don't have one built yet. :)
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  4. We are on smp1!
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  5. Thank you! I will have to check that out!
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  6. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules.
  7. Welcome to the Empire!

    Yeah, the server is quite different from the rest, which also makes it a bit more special (IMO). I'm a little bit confused though: if you're Ben then I assume you used Sidney's account (dynamicbeings). So obvious question (curiosity killed the cat, but oh well): what is your account? :)

    Anyway, I hope you two are going to have a great time on the Empire. Be sure to ask if things puzzle you, there are always friendly chaps around to help out especially on these forums. And there's our wiki as well of course ;)
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  8. simplistic beings is sidney
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  9. Dynamic vs. simplistic :rolleyes:

    Talk about fail, and it's not even late in the evening yet so I have nothing else but to blame myself :D

    Thanks! :)
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  10. Welcome to the Empire. SMP2 is best. Nice to see couples that play together.
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  11. Ah, hello and welcome! :)
    I hope you'll have a great time here, and, honestly, I'm pretty sure you will! ;)
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  12. Hi Ben and Sidney. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy Your stays. :)