Duscussion: Armor/Mob Arena Tactics

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How many mob arena weeks have you attended?

None, I was busy 2 vote(s) 16.7%
1 2 vote(s) 16.7%
2-3 3 vote(s) 25.0%
4-5 1 vote(s) 8.3%
6 onward 3 vote(s) 25.0%
I am so sick of these stupid polls... 1 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. Hello fellow Minecrafters! It is I, your favorite player, crossbones, here for an actual serious discussion (oh I'm serious alright) about armor and Mob Arena Tactics.

    Personally I have not done much Mob Arena and I am hoping to do more (only participated in around 3 or 4 rounds total). But, I have done quite a bit of enchanting (rank 40 overall) and was a big supplier for Mob Arena gear for quite a while. Enough of the "Cool Story Bro", I'm wondering about your strategies and experiences in the mob arena if you are willing to share.

    The other part of this discussion is just Minecraft armor in general. I assume a few of you know about the recent changes to armor such as thorns and a small tweak to protection the frequency in receiving protection armor. Please post away regardless of your experience, I have none either and I know some of you have quite a bit (*cough* terminator908).

    Some Questions to you:

    1. What armor do you normally bring into the mob arena (specifically enchantments)?

    2. What do you normally bring as a weapon and inventory setup (potions, golden apples, pies, etc.)

    3. And just like any classic MMORPGer, what was your best loot?

    4. What is your opinion on Thorns armor in general and do you use it?
  2. 1. Only Iron armor, maybe protection one or two.
    I'm not good, and do not want to lose diamonds.
    2. melons, bread, stone sword
    3. loot?
    4. I think thorns is a funny improvement on enchanting, but it's not cool that you can not kill someone without earning damage(exept when pushing them off a cliff or using pistons, of course)
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  3. Thanks for posting,
    As for question 3, I was talking about the loot you get from other players when the winner goes into the chest room. So I guess this question only applies to those who have won the arena.
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  4. I bring full enchanted diamond armor fire res food bow and arrows and my strategy is to wait until everyone else has died and let them fight the mobs.
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  5. As the first winner of the Mobarena of SMP5, i'd like to give you my tactics ;)
    1: I bring Diamond Armor - Protection IV
    2: I bring a Sharpness IV Knockback II Sword - 15 Golden Apples - Instant Health II Potions & 15 Steak :)
    3: I've collected a Nether Star in the arena once.
    4: Thorns seems great - Not a viable pick if you don't have a ton of money tho.
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  6. Wow I had no idea that they spawned withers in the mob arena. Thanks for sharing your tactics.
  7. Dude........they do that every mob arena!
  8. Here are the MUST HAVES for the mob arena:
    1. Fully enchanted Diamond Armor!
    2. TONS of Fire Resistance
    3. A stack of melons.
    4. At least a Sharpness IV knockback II Diamond Sword.
    5. Awesomeness!
  9. I haven't been since they changed the location (so like a month or two)
  10. If there is a mob arena tonight. I am so ready!

  11. Oops mega fails xD
  12. This is the right one.

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  13. Yeah this is the good one.

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  14. 1. Usually, Full Protection IV, Unbreaking III
    2. I don't bring a good sword, usually a Knockback II and Sharp III maybe, but I don't recommend that, because when I won it, I was fighting the Wither with a Knockback II only sword... No need to say I died.
    Also, I bring about 3 Fire Protection Potions (8:00), 3 Strenght II Potions, and a ton of Healing II. Not much food, like 16 steak or pork. And a Power I bow.
    3. The time I won it, I got 2 full sets of Protection IV, 2 awesome swords and a nice bow.
    4. I don't like Thorns, mostly because it consumes your armor, so I prefer just my Protection IV :p
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  15. Oh wow, unbreaking III. That is fancy. Does a normal prot 4 set normally run out for you? Good advice with bringing a sharpness sword (it doesn't seem necessary because it is a test of survival and not a test of strength). Thanks for sharing your actual loot from players.

    Oh and how much would you guys purchase a protection IV set from (all 4 pieces). Personally I'd say a fair price is maybe 4-6k.
  16. I dont know but i would say around 5k.