Dumbest thing you've had stolen.

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  1. I live in the wild on a few different servers and yes I know, there's the possibility of getting griefed. But today I logged in and decided to look around, Dwight's house was hit, mine was hit, my sister's was fine, except her Iron golem "husband" Tony, pet sheep Fanta and HowNow the Brown cow were killed. All of our things were locked etc. BUT the thing I found funny was, this person had taken all my potatoes and a double chest of dirt.

    You're welcome whoever needed those 3,456 dirt blocks.
  2. The Graveyard was Hit?
  3. have dwight look at it panda.
  4. Potatoes and dirt? The sad part about this is that if he/her needed these items, he could of asked nicely on a server, i'm sure someone would of gave him the items. On the other hand, did your sister have life insurance on Tony? =P
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  5. Its so sad...Fanta and HowNow they were just babies. Least i can draw insurance money from my husbands untimely death.
  6. Pazzo House. I'm homeless as far as LLO goes, my houses keep getting griefed there so I just bum around the neighborhood lol.

    Yeah. They took the potatoes and carrots from community farms, jungle wood and cocoa beans, sugarcane. Then took my potatoes and carrots, left my other stuff then stole my dirt. lol.
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  7. I remember the lest time smp2 Wild Reach was griefed they just burnt a bunch of wood and did nothing else.
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  8. That actually reminds me of what happened when I went to the wild community on smp4. Someone decided to go spawn a nether portal right on my door step...
  9. In my opinion it was your sister that wanted all that potatos. She stole the dirt so ppl dont know she took potatos. She killed the animals because they were witnesses.

    Do You think it is a serious theory?
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  10. LIAR i dont know what your talking about and im not answering any questions till i get a lawyer. I would never kill my children, they were my life (seriously how else was i gonna get a bed and eat) and my husbands death was tragic who ever did this was a monster. I cant type anymore, im booking my flight to the Bahamas now
  11. Are u pandas sister?

    I really believe the griefer killed the animals because they were witnesses
  12. Lol yes, Brit is my sister. We know you're joking and she was playing along.
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  13. Yeah, escaping the country, huh?
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  14. Well on my SMP4 Mob grinder some Griefer rather than secretly using my grinder decided to block the drop tunnel >_< and destroy my farm....
  15. This wasn't on EMC, however, but the server I ran back in the ancient days of Minecraft.. Beta 1.6 - Release 1.0.. We had a series of hotels along the monorail that spanned over 4 km in length.. In one of the hotels, which was ironically, in the Haunted Forest, the first floor was buggy and spawned late night "visitors". While I was running the rail one night, I decided to hop in bed in the (not yet known) haunted hotel. A creeper decided that I needed a hug in the middle of the night and woke me up by stealing half the room.. There were no survivors.. xD
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  16. no hablo ingles >.>
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  17. Not the potatoes! D;
  18. Well, I never had anything stolen, but before the reset I had a cool base with a slime farm and a 5 spider grinder. Someone came in and dumped lava over all my spawners, but they ignored everything -- including the stacks of glow stone that lit up the slime disco floors :) Silliest griefer ever!
  19. The dumbest thing i've had stolen is some slabs. I was giving some to my brother, and this guy had been told off by me for spamming earlier that day, so to get revenge he came into my res, collected the slabs, and about 2 mins later he was banned for theft :p He was later unbanned and never gave the slabs back because I didn't want them anymore.

    Another thing: Somebody in the LLO was banned because of me, Pandas, Dwight, and (I think) penfoldex. They used their alt to burn my house to the ground, along with damaging surrounding areas in downtown and griefing everybody who got him banned's houses/buildings. He did it when somebody was DDOS'ing the MC servers, but logged off when they stopped.
    Chickeneer banned him, and Jaari helped rebuild my house...all it took was about a stack of wood which was easily obtainable from the (old, now griefed and rebuilt with sandstone) tree-farm :p
  20. I haven't actually had anything stupid stolen, just valuables.