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    DrowScape the SMP1 outpost is opening its gates to whoever wants to make residency in the wilderness. The outpost comes with lots of land within walls and 100% monster free. Skyscrapers of MASSIVE proportions make a bold statement that we are grief free. We are a strong established community with a claim to the land and will not be defeated by those who feel the need to destroy and steal. If you are interested in joining please PM me or if you have any questions regarding the outpost please feel free to post! Thank you!

    Pictures below :

  2. It really is a great place to call home away from home!
  3. is it just a wild community, or do you have some farms and grinders?
  4. its a wild community that is set up much like a city. And in a city you have all types of resources, we have semi auto sugar cane farms, simple mob grinders. A very elaborate mine system thanks to my friend azoundria.