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Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by drowpassed, Dec 14, 2013.

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  2. Come check out this awesome outpost Drow has built, i live out there and help him build its safe and fun good place to just be creative and build large buildings. We have tree/sapling farm and res's open for those that want to check it. You can see the largest 9/11 Memorial in game here on SMP1! Msg drow or myself and join our community so far we have about 5 people out here
  3. Although griefing isn't a major issue on the empire, I wouldn't have you cords just sitting out there, just in case!
  4. Must say, this looks pretty awesome!! I shall come out st some point today!
  5. Cool im sure drowpassed will be around. He can probably give you a tour and get you a place to settle in at
  6. Elysphic do you still want to come out to drowscape?
  7. Check this thread out! We have a huge built up outpost with everything people could want! Space to build, areas to mine, Trees farms, food farms, animals!
    All the fun stuff all that's missing is more people we have about 5 residents who have a range of play time.
    If you want to join message shinslist (myself) or drowpassed in game or in this forum and come be apart of Drowscape!
  8. Look at that! Well see we are good solid players who play and aren't above being close to the game and forums. We are EMC to the full and like the wild life! Hope you all will too! :)
  9. bump, still awaiting staff approval
  10. bump awaiting established
  11. looks cool :D
    Is it at least 5k blocks away from east outpost?
  12. way more than 5000 ;P
  13. Ah lol :p
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