Dropping Items when Dying

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  1. Out of curiousity, besides fire/lava what are the other reasons why you might not drop everything that you have on you when you die? Basically if you have a regular item, and you die, and then go back to where you died and everything is there but that one single item... what would cause that?
  2. If there is a dual-creeper explosion sometimes items are detonated and disappear
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  3. You guys have covered the legitimate reasons I can think of. I have seen some other things happen though.

    Items seem to explode all over the place when you die. A few months ago I got off a Minecart on a rail in the Nether and glitched through the floor into Lava. Luckily I was able to get to shore and tunnel a little ways into the Netherrack before I died. When I came back, not all the items were where I died. Some were in the tunnel and some more were kind of scattered over the surface above the tunnel.

    I've also died and there was simply nothing there when I went back. I knew exactly where to look and there were no hazards there like lava to destroy them. My stuff was just gone.

    Then I guess there's also the possibility that a mob picks something up and walks away or even another player, although I expect a player would be selective.
  4. When you die, items are thrown from your position with random trajectory, and speed. (like an explosion)

    Items can bounce off walls in tight areas, and travel far.
    They can fall through semi-transparent blocks like slabs.

    I've never had an item 'explode' without something igniting it though (like creeper explosion, or fire/lava).

    So it can seem like the items disappeared, but are sometimes sitting where you cannot see them. In some random cavity (items can sit within a half-block space, like under a top slab). I've even found an item 'inside' a dirt block, but that could just have been a visual glitch client side.
  5. ah okay, yeah we just had a situation where a player died out by where i was and i picked up his stuff for him but there was a pick missing. we went back and looked all over and didn't see it. i didn't dig down to see if it had maybe slipped through as i didn't think that would happen. also pretty sure he got hit by a skeleton arrow and then fell and died from falling, so no creepers were there. i guess a mob could've picked it up.

    not a big deal, was just curious. next time i'll dig around the area.
  6. Items can actually get stuck inside blocks, so to speak. It happens when you suffocate in a wall. Besides everything everyone else covered, be sure to dig some blocks around where you died to be sure they aren't glitched in a block.

  7. They despawn after 5 minutes in a loaded chunk, and items are destroyed when they come in contact with cacti.
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  9. Yea, falling is even worse, causes stuff to really travel. Sometimes items are 'stuck' on a cliff somewhere, or bounce far.
  10. This hasn't happened to me recently but enraged zombies (or even just general zombies or skeletons), will pick up your weapon/armour, and when fighting momentus the enraged zombies can despawn if you die, taking your items with them.
    Not sure if they do it any more though
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  12. I'm sure they do, I just recently killed a momentus, had a baby zombie pick up the toothpick and when I was just about to put a few arrows in him he despawned right before my eyes...:(
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  13. I wonder if a mob that is carrying an item that they picked up could be made not to despawn.
  14. You forgot cactus :p
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  16. Didn not c that... Hehe cactus jokes :3