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  1. Hello Volks!

    After I die, how much time do I have to recollect the things I've lost?
    I mean, the items float for a while, I know, but for how long?
  2. It is 15 minutes before the items despawn
    Edit: However if the chunk isn't loaded (if no-one is there) then in theory they should stay there forever or until someone loads the chunk
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  3. First first 8 minutes they'll be protected from pick up by everyone but your friends, after 15 minutes you risk that they can despawn. But keep in mind: if the chunk isn't loaded (because no other players are there) then this time can become longer.

    It's always good practice to hurry back as fast as you can (remember to bring a compass and use /compass death).
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  4. As Sach and Shell said, you get 15 minutes. If you are struggling to get back to your items and survive with them (e.g. getting them from under a Momentus) simply picking them up will reset the timer, so you can essentially drag them closer to a safe location with each death whilst still having that 15 minute timer.
  5. Thank you people!
    I would take more than 15 minutes to get my stuff back. So I just gave up. But that's good to know.
  6. Remember you can set your spawn by using a bed nearer to places you go as well. As long as you're within 15 mins of that spawn point, you're all set! And if nobody is in that chunk, you may well have longer!
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  7. Yeah, if the items are very far away, you probably have more chance of getting them back, as the chunks will most likely be unloaded so the timer doesn't tick!
    The 15 minute timer will only start once you're near enough for the chunk(s) the items are in to load.
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  8. Oh I think I got it now.
    That means, if no one is around, my things will be 'floating' where I died.
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  9. By the way, you guys are fast here!
  10. Haha, that's good to hear! We have quite a few dedicated people in our community so there's usually somebody online on the forums to answer questions! :)
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  11. Most of us like to help other people :p But that 607 guy, he doesn't ever help anyone. Just ignore all the posts he makes helping people they make my point less valid.
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  12. yeah, I want to emphasize this part:
    I lost a pick that was renamed tuqueque's silk on october 2014 i believe. On like May 2015 someone found it in the wild and kindly/immediatly returned it to me. <3

    the point is that it didnt despawn all that time because all that time the chunks were unloaded, so the 15min timer never started until that kind person loaded them
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  13. Ifound a nubs full armor in the end and returned it, i knew it was theirs cuz they also renamed their pickaxe!