Dropbear here ;D

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Where do you live ?

Yes 2 vote(s) 22.2%
No 7 vote(s) 77.8%
  1. Hey there My name is SexyDropbear96 but you guys can call me Dropy
    the meaning of the name is
    Sexy : every thing i build is sexy
    Drop : im a dubstep producer
    Bear : <_< i love bears
    96 is a mark more of a Love thingy XD
    me and my gf love the number 96 so we have it
    My name is
    Michael .S valentine
    But i use my japanese name more
    Mikeru okinawa , Im a really good person at redstone like great i can make things really quick
    I joined today and i supported the server totally love it
    I <3 Empire crawft
    I hope im gona make friends ( Totally not depressed srsly )
    I make memes and dubstep XD

    Uhhhh i guess thats it
    and im 18 :l

  2. Welcome to EMC! I've decided I live in no for your poll.

    You should list what server you are planning to start your residence on, and there's always room for more redstone builders.
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  3. Welcome to the Empire, have you picked your home server yet?
  4. Welcome to the Empire!

    I live in "Yes" !
  5. Im th
    Im thinking on utopia i really loved the 120x120 thing totally gona be such a great place to build a redstone museum
  6. Right now im using Smp1 i really like it there
  7. Utopia is only for gold and diamond supporters

    Edit: had to fix grammar error of changing not to only
  8. I know XD thats why im sure that at the end on dec im gona be a diamond supporter
  9. Smp-1 FTW!
  10. Smp2 is where it's at
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  11. I like this guy. eh, he's hyperactive and doesn't afraid of anything.
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  12. Probably the oddest introduction I've ever read.
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  13. c: heh hyperactive
  14. Also, if I ever visit your res and see something that isn't sexy, I will be severely disappointed :p
  15. I just started but i promise c: im gona do my best XD
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  16. What...
    Clone!That is also my name... =/
  17. You're intro's just waken me up with the amount of energy it releases, I was just about to go to bed! Curse you! XD