Drop Party!!!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by pascal1881, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,
    April the 26th I will give a dropparty at the spawn

    Time -----> 3 PM EST

    You can also donate stuff at 9000 :)
    (I'm not gonna leave EMC, I'm doing this for the fun)

    Hope you are there!

    Edit: It is on SMP4
  2. hi (first)

    hope to get some cool stuff! thanks!
  3. Pascal, I thought you were Dutch, not American :p
  4. Yeah I'm Dutch but that time is for me 9PM, that is a good time :)
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  5. Central European Time, I'm right between everyone, Ireland!
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  6. What server?
  7. On smp4, thanks for saying I forgot that to say! :)
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  8. Cool might be there Possibly consider making a place for DP
  9. I'm doing my DP at the spawn
  10. there a lot of good stuff to get dropped.
    I should know as I donated some, ;P
    ill have to see if i can make it, as i might be sleeping. would be like 5 am for me lol.

    To everyone that attends good luck on picking the good stuff.
  11. I have a lot of stuff, cool stuff =D
  12. Free stuff is always great, I'll try to attend :)
  13. Pascal1881 is gonna drop all the stuff
    pascal2882 is gonna record everything for the fun =D
  14. Ill be there! :D Cant wait 8pm for me i think :)
  15. I will call it on every server when it start,
    call: 1 hour before the DP
    call: 30 minuten for the DP
    call: 15 minuten for the DP
    Final call: 5 minuten for the DP
  17. I hope that a lot of people come to the DropParty
  18. What time in GMT/UK time is this
  19. UK
  20. The DropParty starts in 3 hour!!