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  1. I'm sure by now you've all played or seen Super Hexagon. This is basically the typing version of Super Hexagon. And it's by Notch, so there's a plus.
    Give it your best shot. Have fun.
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  2. That's actually really fun but really fustrating when it gets faster ...
  3. My best score: 45
    My father's best score: 53
  4. I got 137.
    My brother got 235.
    I kept thinking about how cool the background was and kept hitting letters that were coming up after the current one.
  5. Brb killing the game

    EDIT: Got 100, seems a lot more difficult.

    EDIT: 209!
  6. My best score: 59
    My father's best score: 64

    :O my 1000 post!
  7. This will change my life.
  8. I want to play so bad... I dont have unity though....
  9. Why not get it?
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  10. I was at school
  11. Um i got infinty (i hacked it)
  12. Hax.png
  13. Best Score: 35