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  1. Hi guys!

    You will all be aware that there has been a massive project going on on utopia 5003.
    Eclipsys, Importerer and myself have been building a massive hotel.

    The hotel has received its name due to the smp2 egg in the lobby, this will be placed by myself on its grand podium on opening night.

    The time is nearly here where we are going to be open for business!
    That's right, next Saturday at 1800 GMT the hotel will open its doors for a grand opening!

    There will be spot prizes! There will be a DJ! There will be giveaways! There will be lots for everyone to come see and enjoy!
    The Night will begin with a ceremonial cutting of a red ribbon by the three of us.
    This will be followed by a grand tour of the place (looking at all the rooms and features of the hotel)!
    There will also be panels where players will get the chance to ask us some questions about the hotel.
    Iron supporters, sick of not having anywhere to stay on utopia? Look no further! We offer rooms for everyone!
    (actual runnings of the night will be detailed closer to the time)

    If you would like to stay at the hotel, I have created a room request form on Google Docs!
    Check that out:

    Lets spread this and try get an opening night like no other!

    Dragon Egg Hotel LTD

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  2. Yay! Can't wait :) Ermm, question: what time is 1800GMT for us? Hehe.
  3. 6am hahaha, the best time all three of us (Ecli, Imp, Me) could be on XD
  4. Oh my lord, well I'll try make it! Hahah
  5. honam1021 is the first guest at the hotel! thanks honam :)
  6. can i get penthouse+1 the one where there is 2 floors to it?
  7. Sure, fill out the form, its the click "~HERE~"
  8. i did but it didnt say what room i could get so i put penthouse+ and asked u if i can get the room i wanted
  9. There should be a drop down list.... for all the rooms.

    But yea, I have seen that you have requested the P+, 2 weeks?

    Ok, I will let you know when you can pay :)
  10. ok ya i did pay for 2 weeks but if i decide i want longer can i?
  11. btw best hotel yet
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  12. Thanks, the three of us have put a lot of hard work and money into it :D
  13. i bet it looks pro and real
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  14. **UPDATE**

    Dragonia Hotel now houses EMC's FIRST Airport and Airline! Utopia Intl. Airport and Utopian Airways :D
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  15. Now, I put that I want a room for 10 weeks, but do I pay all at once or a week at a time?
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  16. I'll pm you :D
  17. !~UPDATE~!

    Just to let everyone know, all the major donators that have helped make this hotel a reality will be staying in the hotel for the first week. After this the rooms will be available to rent :)

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Dragonia Hotel Ltd
  18. Here's the timelapse video of the Dragonia Hotel :D Made by me =p
    It are only pictures for now, i'll film it soon!

    like/rate much appreciated :D

  19. Man cant wait and will i get a free rom if so i want penthouse#1
  20. When is the mall going to be open?