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  1. Yeah and what will u sell?
  2. LOl, epic how 2 of the best EMC builders are DT members :)
    You sir, diserve a like.
  3. uhh. This abbreviation remind me of..... The most feared warrior of my kind.... ;)
  4. i really dont know yet. MR2 hasnt been online in a while =p
  5. Minecraft should let you write on paper. Discount coupon !! :D
  6. Dark Templars ;)
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  7. if only i had 4 lots next 2 eachb other i could make all my epic casltes so with this new 1.2 hight update will be good for my creations but yeah i like the hotel idea
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  8. I
    Eclipsys is one wats the other?
  9. hm yeah wht is the other 1?
  10. I think the other one is Importeror
  11. yeah prbly
  12. Importerer :)
  13. wat saturday wil this be?
  14. so wait its over?
  15. UPDATE!!!!!

    Guys, I am extremly busy with University atm.

    I have decided to cease playing MC for an indefinite period of time.

    Guests please make your payments to Eclipsys upon checking in to the hotel :)

    He is the hotel manager for the time being until
    A) I can strike a balance between work, Uni and MC
    B) It is the semester holidays

    If you would like to stay in the hotel, please use
    click HERE

    Thank you guys, and sorry for any inconvenience :)

    Dragonia Hotel LTD
  16. ALSO GUYS!!

    The opening, will be this saturday 17:00 GMT.

    Im serious, no messing around here.

    We need to get this thin opened.


    Updated Room Request form. If you have filled it out, dont worry about filling it out again, just read the information on payments.
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    Saturday: 19:00 GMT Utopia Res 5003!!!

    Lets not make this opening fail like the last one did!!!

    There will be a lot of FUN!!! (Droppartys and other give aways)
  18. I sent in an application for a Penthouse+ suite, only for 2 weeks for now, BUT I will probably want to stay later than that but don't want to commit to those 4 or 10 weeks at this time xD I will try to make it for grand opening, I'll have to figure out what time and day that would be for me. :p
  19. omg. it's gonna be 2am and im sleeping XD
  20. then you better wake up and get some coffee XD

    (dia tool droppartys / leftover construction materials dropparty / random stuff dropparty)
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