Dragon Tombs Update Part 3 ... and MORE!

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  1. Hello everyone! You guys probably did not expect this, but Dragon Tombs (and 1.8) is just around the corner. With the help of the chicken (chickeneer) and just_five_fun, Dragon Tombs is now a lot more developed and more stable for testing. Because of the update, it is now time to get you all ready for it!

    A bedrock portal will appear in random areas in the Wastelands and Frontier. Going through this portal will consume one Dragon Stone from each player, as well as activate a five-minute timer in which other players can enter. Be sure to get your friends before entering the portal! The portal disappears when the timer has gone off.

    Each player is transferred to a maze once they go through the portal. The maze consists of traps that will not exactly kill someone with decent armor on. The dragon spawns shortly after six (the maximum amount of players allowed in per portal) players have entered AND have completed the maze. If less than six players enter, the dragon will spawn once the portal closes.

    What happens if I die? When you die, you are transferred back to the entrance to the Dragon Tombs. Be careful, because after dying, you cannot go back in to fight.

    What are the rewards? When the dragon is defeated, all of the players that have participated will recieve an amount of tokens (120,000 tokens total) according to how much damage the player has dealt to the dragon, and a dragon egg (the dragon egg will be different from the other ones to prevent major price changes). Players that have died in battle will recieve tokens, but will not receieve anything else.

    Land claiming will be released as well! It will cost one dragon egg or 100,000 tokens to claim land.

    Land claiming commands (may be updated):
    /land claim - claims a 3x3 chunk area of land in the Frontier (a confirmation box pops up)
    /land unclaim - unclaims a 3x3 chunk area of land in the Frontier (a confirmation box pops up)
    /land set (flag) (t;f;r) - configure specific flags within claimed land
    /land pset (playername) (flag) (t;f;r) - gives or removes a player's permissions in claimed land

    In addition, the friends list system has been added.:
    /friend (playername) - adds a player to your friends list
    /unfriend (playername) - removes a friend from your friends list
    /friend +(playername) (message) - send a private message to a friend (it works across all servers)

    An all-new residence feature has been added.
    /res announce (message) - send an announcement in the chat to anyone standing within your residence

    Holograms are now user-friendly!
    /res (add;del;rename) hologram (message) - place a hologram at the area in which you are standing (max character count: 15; the holograms are only visible within the residence - regular members can set 1 hologram, iron supporters can set 2, gold supporters can set 3, and diamond supporters can set 5).

    Player-made subzones!
    /res subzoneset - enables the creation of subzones within a player's residence (executing the command will prompt you to place a sign with "subzone1" on the first line and another sign with "subzone2" on it to create a subzone)
    /res subzone pset (playername) (flag) (t;f;r) - add or remove a player with given permissions within a subzone

    SMP10 and DYSTOPIA:
    SMP10 will be released soon
    Dystopia will be a server for dirt supporters in the future

    Dirt Supporter:
    Dirt Supporter will cost $1 per month, and includes access to Dystopia, a server with HUGE 10x10 residences. Dirt Supporters will get 101 rupees instead of the usual 100.

    Please give me any feedback if you have any suggestions or comments. :)

    Happy April Fool's Day! Yeah, this is a joke.
  2. yay legit empire updates! thanks moderator team for coding this masterpiece
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  3. Awesome! Dragon tombs! Land Claiming! Res messages! Holograms! Friends! and soon 1.8?

    My brain can't take this anymore! *faints*
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  4. This is probably another joke, but just because I'm stupid, I'm going to log on to check anyway.
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  5. So this is a fake post since April Fools. :/
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  6. Lucky I read from bottom to top.

  7. I think this is actually real. Im pretty sure that staff wouldn't type such a long post for April Fools
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  8. Well then...
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  9. He isn't part of the Staff team. He's part of the Contribution team. There's a difference.
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  10. Lol Ultimamaxx
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  11. You stole my identity?!
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  12. I think you stole mine first.
  13. Oops, then I guess I'd better roll back my changes on the wiki ;)
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  14. I was going to do this tomorrow morning :eek:

    Maybe not dragon tombs but whatever I would come up with.

    In other matters, I am the real Aikar!
  15. You said that on the other thread :p
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  16. It's at the point where these things aren't even funny anymore
  17. I am aware I said that on the other thread and that's why I said it here too. People would see one prank thread and not believe any more of them.
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  18. Sorry about the double post, but, the one biggest prank Aikar could play on us would be to actually release dragon tombs part 3. We'd all see it and not believe it but it would be true.
  19. Ulti isn't staff. He's contribution.
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  20. To anyone who believes this is real:
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