Dragon Egg

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  1. Hello EMC!
    I would like to buy a Dragon Egg is there any chance to get one or do the owners keep them for themselfs?
  2. A Dragon egg hasn't been found for a while, as they stopped spawning dragons. They are very rare, and go for about 50-200k. NOBODY wants to sell theirs, because they don't need the money, and they don't want the money, and all of them are diamond supporters.
  3. yeah you are correct last sale went for like was it 250k?
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  4. I think it went for more than that.
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  5. Ask leowaste, I know he has one at his shop on smp2 ask him how much it cost him
  6. 300k, to brettskiii, to be exact.
    There are only 5 (6, counting the one in the snowman on smp2, but that doesn't count). Four are on smp2, and they are all owned by diamond supporters. I don't know about the one on smp3 (I think that's where it is)
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  7. When I was online at smp3 I saw the 4th one in a huge obsidian egg, is that the smp3 one?
  8. If you would like to view a dragon egg......
    Leowaste's shop (on smp2 i think) has one set up in a HUGE case with glowstone 'n such :)
  9. They are more than 50-200k. If I find a seller ill buy for 300-400K :)
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  10. Hahahhahah 3 likes and 2 quotes....
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  11. Shouldnt there be 10 eggs?
  12. There were no more enderdragons in the end starting at smp5 i believe. This was because of drama over the egg.
  13. No, they stopped putting them at 4 or 5, so there should only be 5 or 6. And with your theory.
  14. No Pat. After SMP4 they prekilled the Dragon so no one would get the egg. There are only 6. (Each smp and utopia and one because of a dispute). I know Leo Has one Krysyy Has 2
  15. So when the wild resets they prekill the dragon too?
  16. They don't reset the whole wild. Only the 150 block radius.
  17. End dragons = egg = complete drama and total hell braking out.

    That's why they stopped spawning and now are rare.
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  18. they have some kind of plugin that makes it so the dragon doesn't spawn in the first place. We've only had one full wild reset since the end was released.
  19. They took out end dragon spawner... that's why.
  20. So there are still the strongholds and end like normal just no enderdragon or egg.