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  1. Down with the trollish behavior
    Down with the see-through curtain
    Down with the horribly hidden alt

    Hey guys, I am an alt, TheStoneSlab (you'll never guess of who), and I used to be AikarTime. I just wanted to get it cleared up. Time to get down and dirty with the Stone Slab business.

    Project Down: Downminate The Stone Slab Industry (I haven't even made StoneSky's Stone Slab Super Store)

    How will I downminate? Well, I have a plan:
    1. Fill up my currently being built storage facility which will house over 9 million stone slabs (excluding ones that will be in hoppers)
    2. Create a small but effective shop selling at ridiculous cheap prices
    3. Downminate the Stone Slab market.
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  2. Have fun. :p
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  3. hmmmm....I think you are....MY ALT! C:< (adopts plans to make an IsSlabMaster)