"Dora Day"

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  1. So.... uhm dora visited my res. We tried to kill her but she was too swift and speedy.

  2. you tried using a bucket of water to get rid of it
    yet you did not think of using a bucket of lava to get rid of it
    i am disappoint
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  3. D: I only had water on me!
  4. Is it just me or does "Dora" have an unhappy face on her pants in pic 1?
  5. I think it was a wet spot... she may have gotten scared and wet herself.
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  6. Did Dora use the alias of both kevdudeman and sgtjudson? Or am I not seeing it correctly
  7. Only water?
  8. If you are a true lava master you can change anything into lava.
  9. Dora's looking pretty rough. All that explorin' looks like it's taking it's toll. Or she has scurvy...

  10. Seems montezuma's revenge finally got to her........
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