Don't Make The Mistake I Did [READ THIS]

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  1. Hi, Im Aphors
    A lot of you know me, but most don't, and Im here just to give you some advice based on my experience on Empire Minecraft. I really recommend reading this.
    Empire Minecraft is one of the greatest servers I have played on, I played for 103 days, and got banned for duplicating items (i found a glitch using Nodus).
    I did get banned because the staff here is awesome at their jobs, and you really can't not get caught for hacking, x-ray, duping, or anything like that, THEY WILL FIND OUT!
    For all you fellow players, don't make the mistake I made in breaking the rules. I regret getting banned and doing what I did, I'm probably never getting back on EMC too, but I'm just warning you, not to break the rules. EMC Is one of the best Minecraft Servers running, and it's not worth getting banned if you get to mine a couple more diamonds with x-ray, or dupe beacons, or fly, or hack, or whatever you can possibly do, once you get banned it was never worth it.
    Even when I duped tons of beacons and nether stars and sold them on tons of different SMPs, the staff succesfully tracked down all of them and paid players their money back. This may sound like some bad sad sorry, but just take my advice and don't try anything stupid, the consequences are way bigger than the reward, and it's not worth doing it unless you truly have some urge to ruin other players gaming experience, which is kind of upsetting. Just all you players, for the last time, cheating or hacking to get more money, or whatever you wanted on EMC, is just not worth it because in the end it's all taken away.
    :( My Last Message To All Of EMC
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  2. I also duplicated. 900,000r worth of diamonds. Please follow his advice and do not break the rules, the staff at EMC is epic and :cool: and you WILL get caught. It is not a matter of IF you get caught, but WHEN you get caught! Nice statement, Aphors, I respect you for doing this.
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  3. Thank you for realizing what you did wrong, and not hate on EMC.
  4. YAY. Jack will be happy, one less hate mail.
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  5. I have the upmost respect for you for doing this. It takes real courage to admit you are wrong. I hope that someday you get a chance to come back to this great server.
  6. 900,000r?
  7. Thank you guys so much, I really do regret doing it and I am at fault, I will not try and cover it up anymore... I just hope I somehow get another chance. But I respect the Staff's decisions of my perma-ban, I did cause a lot of trouble for staff :( For that I am sorry, now I just wanna make sure no one makes the mistake I did :D
  8. You admitted you made this mistake. I hope everyone reads this, and hopefully, respects this. You seem like a good kid, and I think that not only you should be unbanned, but have a good time with the last moments with us.

    I hope you get unbanned.
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  9. spoiler fail
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  10. So THAT'S who did that...
  11. *Facepalm*
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  12. Thanks James :D, I hope i get unbanned to, but If I don't I will still respect the Admins decisions :D Since they are trying to help EMC :D
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  13. Even though Im Banned I can't get off the forums since it reminds me of playing with all you awesome people :D
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  14. I can't be angry at you for duping and doing what you did. You admitted what you did wrong and had the grace to tell other players not to be stupid and not to use hacks.
  15. Your Welcome :D I have no reason to hate on EMC, Im the one that messed up :)
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  16. Thank you, I felt like it was the right thing to do :D
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  17. :D That's what I did. I have been banned for 4 or 5 months yet I am very active on the forums. :D
  18. Well, other people who have been banned from EMC have made very, very interesting threads... mainly about us being submissive sheep. >.<
  19. Oh, so you are banned too :D I thought you were unbanned