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  1. Today I was going to auction 6pickaxes, I made the chest for it and putted all the items inside of the chest, I logged of right away and after I posted the thread (actually my little brother did) I went back on and saw that the chest was gone, I looked inside of the chest where the pickaxes was located before I changed location, they wasnt there either I searched all my chest and I still couldn't find them. That stupid chest bug ruined my auction and took 6of my picks.

    I saw somebody posted that they was missing stuff aswell. So I'm here to WARN
    all of you, beware of this stupid bug, and DON'T log of right after you have putted or took something in a chest

    Xandrow signing out (with his pickaxes missing)
  2. I lost 64 endstone :(
  3. I think this might just be lag. It's almost impossible for stuff to actually DISAPPEAR from a chest, so log in and check your inventory and the chest again. :)
  4. yeah, but my sugar cane DISSAPEARED as well.
  5. Not lagg, that's the 1.3 chest bug. And I have logged out few times, and HOW should I check the chest? the chest is gone?
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  6. It probably lagged just before you logged out, so check the places where the picks where before you put them in the chest and inventory. :)
  7. Somebody didn't read the thread, sad to see :(
  8. Ahahaha. Checked your vault? Checked your enderchest?
  9. Yes I did check vault and enderchest aswell, even tho I didn't put them in vault or enderchest. I putted them inside of a chest at my /home then I logged back on to put a auction chest more but that chest I just placed the picks in was gone.
  10. LIAR!!!!!!!
    I lost so much stuff because of this bug.
    Even in 1.2.5 it happened.
  11. Dunno then, sorry. :/
  12. Yep mate, my goal is to trick everyone into thinking that it's not a bug, just lag. It's my life goal. :)
  13. I wasnt asking for help anyways haha :)
  14. Trying to get to the bottom of this :p
  15. Then your mean to the Empire.
    If a guest is visiting and then he sees that all these problems are lag and not bugs that exist in everyserver then then he will say"wow this server sucks it must be as laggy as snip" but if he sees that it is a bug and not lag he will go "well every server has the same bugs so why not play on this server"
  16. Let's keep on going wuhu!
  17. It's not only chests; I've had xp disappear a few times. Happens at my grinder after taking in a large bunch of xp orbs and then logging off. When I logged back on they're gone.
  18. It sure seems like lag to me. Just in a different sense than what we are used to. It seems like everything surrounding me lags; but me myself is trying to move in normal time. (usually the opposite)
  19. He was kidding, and lag is understandable about ANY server.
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