Don't Hug Me I'm scared...

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  1. Have fun sleeping tonight...
  2. Ive seen this and it is probably the most screwed up thing Ive seen in a while....
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  3. Pretty sure youtubers react did a video on it.. I was in my bed at the time of watching that, so.... I didn't have a good night.
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  4. lol that was quite funny
  5. I was to afraid to watch it after seeing the first two comments... Can someone tell me what it's about?
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  6. I watched the beginning and thought "Why is this so weird?" then i saw...... that part.

    Green is not a creative color.
  7. It seems like a childish video at first, then at the end these Muppet things turn into cannibals that eat human hearts......
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  8. Uhm.... Ok....
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  9. I don't really see how this is so creepy, they just talk about being creative n' stuff, and then they freak out for a second and eat raw meat.
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  10. That.. Uh.. I'm pretty sure that wasn't raw meat..
  11. That wasn't raw meat.....
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  12. That was a heart...
  13. Yum heart-cake!
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  14. ?
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  15. Creepy lol. I think the message is that you can't teach someone how to "be creative". You can teach someone how to tie a shoe or cook an omelette, but not how to be creative.

    When you teach something to someone, you tell them what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong. For example, if I'm showing you how to craft a piston and you use gold instead of iron, that's just plain wrong because using gold will not give you a piston. But if you're painting a picture and I tell you you to use blue instead of green because "green is not a creative color", that makes no sense because you can still paint a picture using green. That's why it gets creepy at the end. :p
  16. I was just about to make a thread on this XD
    This video is 110% disturbing
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  17. Guys, lets all agree, to never be creative again, because that was horrifying ;-;
  18. If you don't want to watch, go ahead, you'll only have nightmares for like a week, or maybe two.

    (My favorite part was the death smeared on the wall)
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  19. For the heck of it, I listened to that, mixed in with this.
  20. yes just yes
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