Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4

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  1. Just came out a couple of days ago. Enjoy it, I think? :D
  2. I just saw this yesterday!! These weird me out everytime! :)
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  3. "What is the biggest thing the world?"... lel...
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  4. Eh... Seems legit.
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  5. *brain explodes*
    where did you find that xD
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  6. I never saw 3... I think it's time for a full Don't Hug Me I'm Scared marathon! :D
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  7. I did the same :p Just because I wanted to go though them again...
  8. That was... disturbing ;)
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  9. X'D
  10. Nope, I'm still managing to resist my curiosity! :cool:
  11. Give into the temptation. You'll love it ;)
  12. I agree with Scar. Give in, 607 :]
  13. "Wow, nothing!"
  14. It's 9:30 and there's fish everywhere, so remember kids, green is not a creative colour!
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  15. Done. That one was probably the least disturbing yet. :p
  16. It did get a bit strange... They always have a way of surprising you! :p
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  17. Eh, it's hard to think of digital dancing as strange though when you just watched 1 and 2 and the bit at the end of 3. :p
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  18. There wasn't enough gore and it wasn't as messed up as I was expecting it to be... :(
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  19. We can only hope that the next one contains twice the amount of blood and guts, huh :rolleyes:
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  20. And fish n' chicken! :D
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