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  1. I read the strict rules about the new permanently rules thingy.
    I don't know about you guys but the new rules is way to strict.
    my first reason is deleting your WHOLE res. If i get permanently banned I would go to rage mode, well because i spend my whole life building my res. Also for new players, they might not know all the rules in EMC.
    My second thing is losing all your rupees (going back to 1,500). Is basically going back to the first day of EMC. You have nothing in your res and only have 1500r.
    So basically what I'm trying to say is maybe give them a second chance, but not third chance. This will be way better in my opinion
    AND Please don't get mad at me it is just my opinion. I just want some feedback
  2. The players that are perm-banned are lucky to get a second chance. Time and time again EMC staff has been asked to do more than just a slap on the they responded and took a community view into action...

    Enough people have complained that this is too harsh so EMC has launched a survey because they would hate to misrepresent the community members...i suggest you go to and voice your concerns so the staff can take them into consideration. Posts like this normally lead to unwarranted riots...
  3. If you read the thread on the ban stance, if you are allowed back that IS your second chance. Also those are not new rules, they are the new enforcements and punishments given. It's only fair that you then have to do as everyone who DID NOT cheat and gathered their items legitimately. If players would take the time to actually read THE GUIDE it has THE RULES and they are also IN THE TUTORIAL.

    (*Borrowed from IcecreamCow from another thread about someone complaining about ban punishments*)

    If these punishments hadn't been put into effect, many people would have possibly left, feeling that the mods just don't care if people hack. How would you feel if you went and gathered all your stuff and made money legitimately only to find out I had been hacking, banned, appealed and got my second chance and nothing else done?

    Many of us raged because it seemed PT was only getting a slap on the wrist due to "being a big name and having the biggest shop" on EMC. He was supposed to set a good example because he was a supporter. He as always complaining the mods didn't do anything about rule breakers yet he broke them himself.
  4. Sorry Ninga. You're my friend, but I have to disagree. I think the new Ban Policy is very good. How I think of it is if you don't break rules nothing bad happens. By enforcing these more strict rules people will break rules less because the outcome is worse now. If you get perm banned and you get a second chance but your res is gone it's your own fault. If you listen to the rules in the first place you have nothing to worry about. Overall I love the new ban policy.
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  5. A second chance is a fresh start. Plus, they also have a survey so that people don't make threads like this. I suggest you fill it out and explain your ideas there.
  6. raaa im so angry you said his raa
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  7. Wow I just went back and read my post, it sounds like I'm raging or something. Sorry if it comes across that way. My cat has been annoying me for the last three hours. Beginning to wonder if she's taken after the idiot ones in Minecraft.
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  8. Sorry EMC, Sorry very sorry. Now i understand why the rules are kind of strict
    Thx you for feedbacks
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  9. Lets focus on an important comment made:

    People playing MC, or any game for that matter, should always remember that it is a game and that one day, it might just stop. So investing time and money into something is fine, but try not to invest emotions into it as well, because that's a game you're going to lose.
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  10. It seems the meaning of permanent has been lost somehow. A permanent ban should be like the death penalty here, but it's been treated like some sort of spanking by the staff where someone gets banned and is allowed back if it's believed they've learned something from it.

    If you are permanently banned, everything is gone anyway. Coming back with everything reset and being allowed to play again should be seen as a bonus.

    If it were up to me, permanent would mean permanent. If someone did something bad enough to warrant permanent bannination, they wouldn't be allowed back. Ever.
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  11. I suppose, if you've * been in game long enough to build up an emotional attachment to your res, you can't really claim "I'm new, I don't know the rules".

    As others have suggested above, I'd suggest filling in the questionnaire ICC released a few days ago. What you're saying in your post is the kind of opinion that the questionnaire is presumably looking into.

    * By "you've" i mean "one has"... I'm not referring to you specifically :)
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  12. i think they should make every player go through the tutorial once a month, just to remind yourself of the rules. i cannot tell you how many times someone asks a question in the chat that is covered clearly in the tutorial, on this website, or on the minecraft wiki. i'm a pretty patient person (ok, not really) but it gets a tad annoying sometimes. i end up turning off the chat way more often than a reasonable person should have to.
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  13. I'm actually fine with the new rules. I think they are fair, if people can use hacks, then they have to take a risk, It's not fun if you hack and then just get back on you MUST take a punishment lol :)

    I recently got banned for hacking, and I got a permanent ban. I was around 10k from 2,5mil, and my building on my residence costed me around 300k, I had tons of resources and I had around 3-400 enchanted tools :)

    I didnt rage, because of I got resetted. I even thanked Maxarias for banning me =)
    I did something stupid and I took the consequences for hacking.
  14. Believe it or not, some of us like to go do it again just for the fun of seeing if we can remember the correct answers without re-reading the guide. But I think one of the issues is you can just teleport to the guide so say I completed it and my friend decides to join, I can teleport there and lead them through without them really reading much. I sometimes think that happens and that's why we get the questions like "how do i claim a res?" "how do i get rupees?"

    Thanks for being one of the sane ones and not flipping out :)
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  15. I absolutely agree with the strict Ban Stance. It's one of those things, that EMC should've done months ago!:)
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  16. Why should I even flip out? I know hacking is against the rules, but did it anyways. Fun thing is that THIS was the first time I used hack on EMC and got caught mins after :)

    [EDIT] And hmm, I'm mature enough to realize that my ban was VERY fair, only think I don't find fair is that I can't get unbanned, even tho this was my first "real" bad thing on EMC. I have only been kicked once and this ban =P