Don't ever use "LoL" again!

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  1. Guys. Stop. Please Stop. I know, I was the average user of "LoL" and then I found this out...
    It may be just a meme, and I thought of that, so I looked into what the meme said, and actually there was a organization that's ending prayer was "LoL" similar to "Amen".
    I know, we are not suppose to fight over religion, I just wanted to share this meme. Please do not take any of the meme offensive, if you do take it offensively, I will remove it immediately.

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  2. Again, I do not want for people to take this the wrong way, if you do please contact a moderator to take down the thread.
  3. I took it off of full screen for viewer discretion.
  4. lol
    But srs now, I'm not going to to stop using it because it has another meaning.
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  5. I know, it is a joke. We mean to use it as a symbol.
  6. It's a joke that will probably rub the wrong way with people.
    But most likely a failed attempt at trolling by whoever made this.
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  7. it can also me lots of love, loads of lard,etc.
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  9. It is a joke. LOL means
    L augh
    O ut
    L oud

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  10. Lol this is a great thread. roflmao, do do do do do.

    I'm sorry, but I cannot take this thread seriously, since that's most likely a troll picture.. After all, in the gaming community, lol means "laughing out loud."
  11. Na, no thanks i keep using lol

    here's another meaning of lol ........ ' lol "< help him he's drowning
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  13. Again, I know this is a troll, hence the reason why it's on memebase.
  14. Personally, I will use it its original text way of "laugh out loud"
  15. Not everything on memebase is trolling y'know :p
    except from theartoftrolling, and even then, not always.
  16. No one has mentioned the best meaning of LOL, League Of Legends.
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  17. I know we're supposed to be tolerant of religion on here, but it's never really a great idea to post anything religion based. People can come on here and troll and be rude. I've no issue with anyone's beliefs as long as they don't bash others, just saying. But when I say lol I'm not using it as that, I'm using it as laugh out loud. It used to be lots of love and changed over time. Still not gonna stop saying it because I know what I mean when I say it.
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  18. A
    Again, this wasn't to troll anyone, or harm anyone's feelings, but just to share a simple joke for some laughs. I use it as laugh out loud.