Does Kalland Labs no longer 'own' EMC?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jakebag, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. So I noticed today that the Kalland Labs logo has disappeared from the site and has been 'replaced' with Starlis, aikar's new 'company'. So I would like to know has Starlis (aikar) 'bought' EMC? Is there an official stance on this at the moment?
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  2. Well, considering all of EMCs' domain names are now registered under Aikars name and not Kalland Labs anymore, I'm going to guess Aikar now owns EMC.
  3. Hmm...interesting..
  4. oh god :p

    It doesnt surprise me, aikar is basically the main ACTIVE admin on emc, lol.
  5. Short summary is yes. I was preparing to make a post tomorrow or so, just so busy at the moment.

    Same EMC, Just legally owned by me instead of Justin.
  6. PayPal info is payed to Kalland labs. Do we need to make PayPal changes for supporter?
  7. Has this anything to do with the fact that there are quite some fixes to do with the site(s) and Justin isn't as active as you guys want?
  8. But let's try not to hear of any more talks about Justin leaving EMC, a change of ownership doesn't mean he's left.
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