Does EMC Need a Bulk Shop?

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New Bulk Shop Needed?

Yes 4 vote(s) 50.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
There's an active one at: 4 vote(s) 50.0%
Other 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. If a Bulk Shop was selling Blocks in quantity minimums of 9 stacks or more, it should carry DC's of stock in which items ?

    Oak logs
    Spruce logs

    What else? And why.
  2. There are a few bulk shops around for older blocks, though the owners don't seem to be active. I don't know of any bulk shops for blocks from the most recent few versions.
  3. Egeau has (had?) a bulk shop on smp1. It's at 966
  4. Mine did pretty well and I sold the most of the following:

    Sand/Sandstone/Cut Sandstone
    Cobbled Deepslate
    Mud Bricks
    Mangrove roots
    Packed mud
    Packed/Blue Ice
    Glass/All colors
    Red Netherbricks
    Smooth Stone
    Polished Andesite/Diorite
    All Log and Leave types
    Concrete powder
    Iron and Gold Blocks
    Brown Mush Blocks
    Rails (yes by the dc sells well and easy to obtain)
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  5. very true!
    cobble and stone and ...wool. I believe all colors.
  6. A little bit of self promotion I guess, I'm starting a bulk location at +tuq on smp8, right now testing different designs, so that items load quicker into chest. Haven't updated it into the server, but I think I have a better design than the one I have rn. With the very minimal advertisement I've done, it has had decent weekly traffic so far

    17700 will be focused on the bulk, at least for the the remainder of the year, and once I have something I like regarding bulk quantities, sign formats etc, I'll add other blocks. Currently only have like 12DCs of storage available per item, but I want to make it, for those in-demand bulk items to have 30DCs (aiming for ~50% stock on those) - want to make it sort of like Utopia's emerald exchange, for those blocks. -I'll get to work on updating the design by the end of this week.

    ^ Decision for that - came from the survey I made :)
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  7. Funny I see this thread, I made a bulk shop and stocked it all up and did all the shop signs but never opened it and the only thing from stopping me from opening it now is updating the shop signs because it took me 8 hours to place all them haha
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  8. I remeber that!
    I get asked alot for the Bulk amounts and I never intended to carry Bulk.
    This is good Tuq. Very good.

    Shops are really hard. And the shopsign edit command only lets you change the item, pretty sure. Following through on shops is also really hard.
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  9. Agree with everything said here! I wish it would let me change the buy and sell prices because then I would be more inclined to change the buy and sell prices. I still might do it way down the road but most likely not or way in the future cause I am really busy and don’t have the patience for that right now haha! I wish I could hire someone to do it under my name and then like “approve” each sign by tapping them.
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  10. I have a bulk shop above my main mall @ /v 13131 this is expandable as I have plenty of stock in storage of building blocks. It's rare though that a player will want multipal DC's of stone like blocks, if your ever looking forsomething though allways pm me if I am not online and I will check if I have have it. Off the top of my head I know I have abouth 2 DC's of shulker boxes full of stone and the same of cobble and at least 1 of gravel.