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  1. Hello, I wanted to document how this project goes for me. I'm, for the first time owning an own on my own as well as handle different post for various ideas I have.

    I'm mostly starting with a Bulk Shop area, and later I'll slowly expand to have non-bulk for all other items.

    You can visit it with +tuq or +job on smp8:)

    To anyone that wants to check the pricing and items I'm selling/planning to sell, you can check out this spreadsheet.

    Already Updated:
    +tuq@Sand or +sand
    Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone
    Sand, Glass (no color)
    Gravel, Terracotta (no color)
    End Area
    Obsidian, Endstone (to be added)

    +tuq@Sand: Sand - Glass - Sandstone
    Cobbled Deepslate
    Calcite - Tuff
    +tuq@Netherbulk: Quartz, Smooth Quartz, Nether Bricks, Obsidian, Basalt, Blackstone

  2. So Here is my first post - I've added 13 items so far, some are in stock, some are not, so you can stock items to gain some extra money before I open officially the mall

    Here are some pictures to what I have so far

    After I finish the basis of bulk items, I'll start on decorating and adding sections by biome/region category :)
  3. So, I wasnt extremely happy with both the shop sign format, nor the bulk storage system, so I believe I came up with something I'm happy with. Wanted to go back, and rebuild the design, so the pricing ranges are more future proof and have the overall bulk storage is both faster and larger.

    I've only updated Sandstone / (and added!) Smooth Sandstone as part of my bulk item line-up.

    I'll re-add the items I took down, for this remodel asap, probably by the end of the week -

    again restocking these is encouraged! Sell me items and earn rupees!

    Please let me know your thoughts regarding pricing and new layout!

    Here is the new shop design, I believe I'm going to stick with

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  4. Hi people sorry for the back to back updates, but I feel enough changed for it to warrant a new post :)

    Tonight I added: Sand, Glass, Gravel, Terracotta, and Obsidian

    I also changed the glass platform near the shop signs so its easier to read the signs at the bottom.

    To anyone that wants to check the pricing and items I'm selling/planning to sell, you can check out this spreadsheet. I decided to make this spreadsheet public both for easy access to the public and maybe help other players with their shop :)

    The purpose of this shop, is to basically function as an exchange regarding that item. Looking forward to continue working on it :D Lemme know your thoughts or suggestions that you might have. I'm trying to keep iTuq - account holding shopsigns with around 400k every day, so that this location can function as a +job location
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