Does anyone else?

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  1. While I'm at work I tend to think about minecraft quite a bit. I check EMC countless times a day during my shift. I crunch #'s, do stats, design new ideas, and watch You tube videos. On slow days and holidays I'd even bring my PC to work to play. Even now I'm listening to iSmooch and Halley on You tube. I'd say 80% of my phone' battery goes to something minecraft related.
    So my question is does anyone else Minecraft at work?
  2. I try playing minecraft on my ipod touch at school
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  3. I can't work full-time, as my high school can be pretty academically challenging. But whenever I'm supposed to be doing something legitimate, I'm doing something related to minecraft. I even drew a flip comic of Steve getting chased by a creeper in spanish class (where 70% of everything related to MC gets done) but it got soaked the other day when it rained. :(
    NOTE: The other 30% gets split between free periods and home.
  4. Luckly my buddies at work play it too so i got someone to talk about it and share ideas with =D
  5. 4o% of my day is spent thinking about minecraft or secretly playing minecraft on my ipod
  6. I think the only class I have never thought overly about minecraft in was Visual Art...
    We're too busy watching Ferris Buehler and Monty Python. xD
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  7. who's ferris buehler?
  8. minecrafting at work right now... its definitely about 90% of my conscious day. I take a good break every few weeks or so and just kind of watch movies for awhile, play piano.. make myself play less.. then I am itching for it when I come back.

  9. Why SHAME!!!! I'm only 13
  10. What school do you go to?
  11. St john's college hamilton (I'm year nine) what about you
  12. You have not lived until you have watched the movie "Ferris Buehler's Day Off." As soon as you read this, watch it. Biy it on netflix, buy the DVD, I don't care. WATCH IT. It will enlighten you.
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  13. Sure, it was made in '86, but it's still a classic.
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  14. ok no wonder I haven't heard of it:)
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  15. Have you heard of Star Wars?
    That was made BEFORE this. And imo, it's not as amazing.
  16. of course I've heard of star wars

    P.s whats imo
  17. In my opinion. Sorry if I'm gettig a little over-zealous here. It's all intended to be in good fun, and I just want everyone to have seen one of my favorite movies of all time. I apologize if I insulted you by seeming condescending or any of that.
  18. no you didn't insult me at all (maybe a little with the star wars thing jkjk)
  19. Saint Kentigern College, Auckland {year 11} you rebel playing on your minecraft at school