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  1. I recently started to watch Doctor Who, the season with Rose don't know how else to describe it. I just am about done with season one, have about 2 episodes left and was wondering if it gets more interesting, its already pretty cool and at first I didn't like it but I guess it grew on me. No spoilers please :p
    Also is there a better place to watch than Netflix?
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  2. It get's more interesting and not that I know of.
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  3. It gets wayyyy better, trust me. *still hasnt seen the 50th anniversary premier due to lack of not feeling up to it....*

    But netflix is the only place I know of for the first 7 seasons, then you gotta watch on your own TV (its only season 8 of "New Who"
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  4. About halfway through season 2, and I'm addicted :p
    Are there a lot of inuendos in this show or is it just my head in the gutter?
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  5. Probably a little of both :p
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  6. You must keep watching. It gets better with Tennant. Anyways, hulu has it to. Or you can hunt in the dark corners of the interwebs.
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