Doctor Who!

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  1. I am so exited for the new season!
    Anyone else who can't wait for Saturday?
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  2. Have you seen The Doctor's new threads?

  3. D: I don't know if I can watch it after how it ended. Too many feels.
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  4. Did you watch the Snowmen?
  5. Oh my word, yes. I love the new outfit. :3
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  7. I know... SO MUCH PURPLE...
    I saw a video of Matt Smith talking about it, but I forgot where.
    Basically he always wanted to wear a 'little' purple.. Then they gave him that..
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  8. I like that they're sticking with the look from Snowmen. It's like BLAM Purple, then again 9 seemed to have a lot of black and 10 had brown and blue.
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  9. I know right? I really hope that he keeps Amy's glasses; in the way that Ten had his 'brainy specs'.

    I also can't wait for the scene when he picks out his outfit; I really hope they show it. :3
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  10. Nope, my boyfriend got it ready to watch after Christmas but I simply couldn't get around the facts of the previous episode, even if the teaser was awesome with the insides of the TARDIS and all, but I just... nope >_< xD I get too emotive with this, guess we will watch it right before we star with the next season.

    My thoughts exactly.
  11. I don't know if this is even relevant for where you live; but BBC America is doing a marathon before the new episode, of seasons 5, 6, and the first half of 7.

    It's worth it.
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  12. Now would probably be a good time to start I assume.
    But I'm busy all Saturday...
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  13. As do I. I've cried sooo many times and gotten so annoyed with so many people. LOL.
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  14. :'(

    Over the past month I've gone back and watched every episode of the new who.
  15. This is my new desktop background:
    That is all.
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  16. Really sorry for this triple post but, has anyone else noticed the connection between the episode title ("The Bells of St. John") and that funny little circle thing that appeared on the front of the TARDIS during regeneration and that no one has managed to mention in 2 and a half seasons?
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  17. *Flails* Currently watching the new episode. ERMAGERD.