do you recognise this?

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  1. Hello EMC
    This popped up when I opened my computer, it doesn't look like any of the programs on my computer, My laptop is running windows 10. I did have no internet at the time :p. I'm sorry if this seems a bit stupid :p I just have no idea what program this can be from, Its probably the mcafee program as it looks similar, this is my first time seeing this pop up.
  2. It means you're not connected to the internet.
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  3. Lol Ik it doesn't have the same ui as any of the programs I have
  4. I'm pretty sure that's not a Windows alert :p
  5. Yep that's why I was concerned
  6. Me too
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  7. When did this start appearing?
  8. It appeared like 10 mins ago
  9. This is wirus please call number so we can scam I mean help you for small price $599.
  10. Time to unplug the PC and run your virus scanner in safe mode I think.

    That is definitely not a legit warning.
  11. Did you do download or launch anything within that period of time?
  12. edit:

    I just hope it's not a ransomware virus. Which brings me to: if you don't have any yet: install an adblocker for whatever browser you're using, prompto!

    It's not about stopping ads, its mostly about stopping malware and virusses which get spread using hacked ad. sources. That's a serious concern right now, I've seem this happen all over the place (most -established- and high source news sites I follow have been hit by this within the past year).

    edit: sorry, hit reply instead of edit :( stupid me. I'll try again! :D
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  13. To add on to shel if it is ransomware
  14. I haven't used an AdBlocker for more than two hours in my life, and I've never had any problems like this!
    Perhaps it's because I have a really good free virus scanner, though.