Do you agree the actions of my school? what should i do?

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*read OP then vote* Do you agree with the actions of the school?

Yes 6 vote(s) 15.0%
No 34 vote(s) 85.0%
  1. Today, someone in the school brought an airsoft gun to school. Then they proceeded to do pat-downs of every student in my school. Apparently, $3 had also been stolen.

    My friend had $4 in his pocket, and when they patted him down, they took the$4! I had given him the money, because he can't afford lunch at school.

    What should i do?
  2. pat down?
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  3. they patted down the student to search them.
  4. them taking the money was wrong but the pat was in their legal jurisdiction
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  5. The money was technically stolen and should be brought up to the principle.
  6. Okay, What does Pat down mean? There :p
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  7. The money was not stolen... I gave it to him.
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  8. No, that the police took it from him on suspicion that there was money stolen, that is wrong they shouldn't have taken it with out rightful cause.
  9. Yup. I agree with that. I guess ill be talking to the principal tomorrow and get it back... Haha, my friend for some reason had taken pictures of the serial codes, so i guess that can help us get it back. And if the principal wont listen to me, they will get a call from meh mother. and meh mother gets whatever she wants, in most cases :p
  10. Your friend should sue your school for $20,000. No joke
  11. In my area kids bring real guns to school. So in my opinion the pat down was justified. There is more to the story as far as the money goes. I'm sure more than one kid in your school had 3 or 4 dollars on them.
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  12. did school teachers or school gaurds take it, if they did then sue the school, if they didnt sue the police station, also make sure your friend didnt just lose the money
  13. You cant sue for more money, only for the money lost.
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  14. wow... an airsoft gun to school?
  15. But you can sue for inconvinience
  16. In Mother Russia,
    Airsoft gun smuggle YOU to school!
  17. Yes, the pat-down was justified. Yeah, im sure too. Just that my friend was unfortunate enough to have his taken from him.
    School security guards. I don't think we will go as far as suing though...
    I wont go as far as to sue the school.
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  18. So much problems for 3 dollars.
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  19. wait...

    schools have hired security now?


    oh gawd I am SO glad I am not growing up in this day and age...
  20. tho it is the fact that they took it form them, i would confront the administration at my school for $2