Do people buy these?

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  1. I have TONS of Red and Brown Mushrooms, do people buy these items?
  2. Tons means thousands, right?
  3. People don't really buy mushrooms, no.
  4. Do they have hallucinogenic effects?
  5. no
  6. no, I have 64 Red and 58 Brown.
  7. If you want to really sell 'TONS'. I would consider getting a double chest of them and auctioning it off.
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  8. If you want, I'll take a DC of each for 500R
  9. First of all, what does DC mean? Second How do I auction?
  10. DC = Double Chest
    And read this if you want to auction something.
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  11. Also remember a DC is 3456 of an item, while an SC is 1728.