Dj's 666th Day Event

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  1. Halloween In Christmas

    Location: 1983 (SMP1)
    Date: January 4,2015
    Time: 3 PM (PST)/ 6 PM (EMC Time)

    I'm going to reach the day I have been waiting for since Eclipsys's 666th day drop party. To celebrate, I'm going to have many different games on that date, taken from other previous events...
    • Classic Maze
    • Parkour
    • An adventure (Removed :/)
    • Questions
    • Color Maze/Fence Maze
    • King of the Totem
    • Spleef FIRE FLOOR (With a Twist)
    • Drop Party (With a Twist)
    • ???
    Location: ???
    Date: January 4,2015

    Time: 3 PM (PST)/ 6 PM (EMC Time)


    - Free Steam games (maybe)
    - Promos
    - Random enchanted stuffs
    - Tons of Iron
    - Rupees
  2. Sounds awesome, thanks for holding it! :D
  3. Snazy DJ
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  4. - Spleef
    + Fire Floor
    +Classic/Fence Maze
    +King of the Totem
    + Drop Party
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  5. 36 more days \(o30)/
  6. awesome
  7. satanist
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  8. 30 days left (Going to fall on Christmas Eve :p)
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  9. lol
  10. lol
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  11. Your Christmas Eve will be my Christmas Day lol. GG!
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  12. I may move it a couple of days...
  13. What is the exact date of thos 666th day partay? :D
  14. Date coming soon...
  15. k DJ i get u like demons