Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

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  1. It's currently a WIP.

  2. Looking good so far! :)
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  3. Pff, phew! I thought this was going to be some controversial topic. :p
    Nice! Are those leaves? Are you using a texture pack, maybe?
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  4. If you mean the controversial topic that is the 2003 movie, then no. You are safe. :p
    Those are spruce leaves that I'm using for the wrought iron. I'm using the Flows HD x64 texture pack.
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  5. Update: The exterior is about 98% finished. Just needs glass in the windows and one wall also needs to be tweaked a bit. I'm not quite happy with it.

  6. Started the crypt for the cemetery and a bit of landscaping too.

  7. Looking Great! Keep it up:D
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  8. I like how it looks!
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  9. Front entrance is mostly done and a huge chunk of landscaping has been finished since my last update.

  10. Oooh, fancy! Well done xGGirlx!~
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  11. that is getting impressive!
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  12. I love the haunted house! And your build represents it so well! I love this!
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  13. Looking amazing! Are you going to spook up the interior?
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  14. For the interior I will spook it up but still try to keep it from looking too run-down.
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  15. Just went to see it on Utopia. It looks so good
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  16. Nice i'm sure you can do it :)
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  17. Looks amazing so far! Can't wait to see the final product - will it be done before Halloween? :3
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  18. My current plan is to have it done and open by Halloween time.
  19. "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be."

  20. Looks beautiful. I'm popping on right now to check it out right now! ^^
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