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  1. As a fellow avid Disneyland guest I was wondering if anyone else goes quite often?

    Or if anyone is excited for the 60th Anniversary that started today, Ill be going in Sept. for the Dapper day event and im coming to see many new things like the recently re-installed Hatbox ghost and the light show parade they brought back.
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  2. Disney is about 8 hour drive from me and I dont bother going :)

  3. Been twice to the one in Paris.
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  4. I've been to DisneyWORLD in Orlando twice, loved it both times! It was some kind of anniversary the 1st time I went, can't remember which it was though xD
  5. I've been to Disneyland 5 times. I love it there.
  6. I guess I can try and schedule a day to go.
  7. I live in san fran and its a 6 hour drive,but its worth it to me :p
  8. If you go inbetween sept 18-19 you might see me,ill be there for dapper day.
  9. Oh, I was talking about the Orlando park ;)
  10. :p Ah, I havent been there. I want to visit the one in paris and tokyo before i die though.
  11. You really love Dapper Day. You always mention going every time for that xD
  12. Well I mean its 70% off the room rates during the event and its fun going and seeing people dress up but i mean hell000000 70% off the really expensive room rate
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  13. Been to DisneyLand a few times (during the one trip) it was the 50th anniversary when I went.. Amazing!
    (As it is a 13hour flight from country to LA) :p
    I have also been to DisneyWorld, in 2013 :)
  14. My uncle is a Disneyland fanatic. He's been there ~35 times in his life. He goes about every year or year and a half.
  15. I always wanted to go to Disneyland Paris or Disneyworld in Orlando as a kid. My parents can't afford to travel outside of the UK, so I haven't left the country since 2003 (and since I was only three at the time, I only remember tiny parts of it) and have only visited other parts of England and Wales...

    I haven't had any interest in going there since Minecon was hosted there a few years back and my rich friends went :p

    Hopefully, I'll get to go one day with whatever kind of deranged, messed up family I have. If I have one. I can't see me having any kind of stable relationship :p
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  16. Yay 4 Wales!
  17. I'd go, but I don't really like Disney.
  18. OMG! What don't you like about it?
  19. From painting men as evil (and if they're not, weirdos) in Frozen to making weird musicals: there's probably a lot :p
  20. You don't have to like Disney to like Disneyland :p

    The closest Disneyland to me is in Hong Kong, and that's an 8 hour plane flight away... I've been to Disneyland Paris twice though, and it's amazing.

    I'm just waiting for the day they decide that Australia needs one.
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