Disney Achievement!

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  1. So guys! I'm going to Disney again on Dec. 23rd. But I made an achievement! I went on Test Track for the first time! Super hyped to go again! Was so scared to go on it! I did it =)

    Thanks Josh and Jason! [my cousins]
  2. What do you mean by "Disney"?
  3. Disney. The area.
  4. Is Disney an area? In what country?
    I know Disney as a company, making movies.
  5. Since she said Test Track, I would figure this is Disney World in Florida, USA. It's a HUGE amusement park.

    I went there over the summer. Test track is always broken down... like a chevy... who happens to sponsor it.
    Luckily is had up-time for a couple hours three days later, so we went on it.

    Did you go to Hollywod Studios and did you ride the Tower of Terror? It's a lot of fun!
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  6. *shudders* I worked there (WDW) for a few years, ToT is the one ride I sit out. :p Right next door is Rockin' RollerCoaster, if the wait time is less than two hours I recommend it.

    Also, if you're going back to EPCOT ride MissionSpace!!!! Orange is amazing but you may prefer green ;)

    Anyway Have fun! WDW@Christmas time is amazing :D
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  7. Rockin' RollerCoaster was broken when we were there, which was a bummer.
    And we did do Mission Space, and yes I did the tougher one. Them G forces.
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  8. Walt Disney World.
    No :(. The line was 6 hours, not waiting for that.
    Yeah. I'm going back Dec. 23rd :)
    OMG! I LOVE MISSION SPACE! What I meant you said Space Mountain. nvm :(
  9. I'm heading back to Disney in 18 days. Here's the list of rides I'm going on:
    Magic Kingdom:
    Astro Orbiter
    Thunder Mountain
    Mad Teacup
    People Mover
    Splash Mountain
    Tomorrowland Speedy Way

    Test Track
    Spaceship Earth

    Hollywood Studious:
    Star Tours
    Hollywood Tower
    Toy Story: Midway Mania
  10. No way was test track wait six hours. I have as there the week before you went and the line got to one and a half hours at the most while I was there. There isn't enough room in the building that holds the line for six hours worth of people to be in there :p


  11. When I was getting on Test Track for the first time, it was a 2 hour wait.

    Rockin' Roller-Coaster scared me when I went on it.
  12. It's a roller-coaster.
    By the way, even for the tower of terror... There is no way there was a six hour wait :p

    I have horrible memories from when I was lot younger of waiting in line for two and a half hours at Hershey Park. Never Disney though.
  13. Okay
  14. Has anyone mentioned Space Mountain or Expedition Everest yet? Those by far were my favorite and of course, Rockin' Rollercoaster.
  15. I once did Expedition Everest (single rider) seven times in a row. The line was only about 5 mins., because of the single rider line. I may be classified as having an "issue."

    *TIP* Single Rider lines greatly reduce wait times. If the ride offers it, I recommend you take that line, unless you really want to go with your friend/parent/cousin/whatever-you-fancy. This tip could turn a two hour line into a 10-20 minute wait.*/TIP*
  16. Sorry Guys, My Childhood Is/Was Grusome :p I Have Never Visited Disney Nor Other Amusement Parks :p
  17. Disneyworld is amazing! Although I preferred Disneyland in L.A. In January I'm going to Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneysea in Tokyo- can't wait!
  18. I've never heard of Exp. Ever. I went on Space Mountain though.
    Omg! I do that all the time for Test Track! The line is like 5 minutes.
    y bruh