[DISCUSSION] Moderator Puns

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  1. This is exactly what it sounds like: This thread will be used to post exclusively and only moderator puns. Without further interuption, let the memes commence:

    What did the sheep, the skater, and the skallywag all say when a 67 once bucket of green paint got dropped on them?


    What do you call a game addon for Batman: Arkham Knight that gains a lot of popularity?


    What do you call a chef that specializes in poultry dishes?


    A pig walks into an I-HOP (breakfast restraunt) and orders some eggs. The waiter asks:

    "Would you like some Hash, Hog?"
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  2. A blind Elfinpineapple walks into a bar....then a table...then a chair :
    (sorry that had nothing to do with his username :p)
  3. What did the traveler say when his Uber got to the airport?

    Ayy, Car

    I tried
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  4. This really isn't a pun but it is related to a moderator.

    What do you call an elf who visits Spongebob's house?


    Yes it's bad, pls no ban.
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  5. Aikar will ban u for calling him a mod1!1!1!!one!!11
  6. What the elfinpineapple was that all about?

    Who travels by Uber? Just hop the next AI kar.
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  7. Or you could have your Driving Wonder Mother take you
    (get it cuz yanno DWmom hehehe)