[DISCUSSION] Minecon 2015

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  1. First :O awsome :D
  2. Well, the price would be a little more than I was hoping, but I guess I'll end up being a sucker for it and getting one anyway :)
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  3. Ticket cost+Flight cost+Hotel+Misc.= At least cost me 3k.... So I'm out.
  4. As much as I'd like to go, I'm not sure that it's worth the cost... Even though it's closer to me than it ever has been before, the price still plays a big part!
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  5. I may sound like a loser but idk what in the world minecon is and I don't really want to know. And I'm sorta busy so I can't come :/
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  6. I hear the price is high.

    I wouldn't have gone anyways, I think Minecon is dumb. I mean, I can just go on Mumble for Free and talk to people from different parts of the world that share an interest in Minecraft.
  7. I wanted to go but i am busy :(
  8. I would like to go...but too expensive :/
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  9. Well, since I live in the USA I won't be able to attend sadly..

    Like $10k..

    Although, I already went to Minecon 2013 so its not soo bad :p
    Also, something different I see at this Minecon is they actuality give you the cape at Minecon, not a email with an activation key 2 days before :)
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  10. Too expensive for me too so I won't be going, having said that this is as local to me as it's going to get :p So I'll be up for meeting anybody who does decide to go, I've been to the ExCeL centre before :)
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  12. well go to mincon or .. night on the town....hard choice.
  13. Could do both, meet some EMCers then go gallivanting around London :p
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  14. Wayy too expensive
  15. To bad I'm not a Brit :(
    .... Then I could ask if someone would care for a cup of tea, talk with a funny accent, AND meet some EMCers at Mine on 2015
  16. Gosh, stereotype much XD As much as I hate to crush your ideals, we're not all about tea and crumpets here :p
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  17. Lol :p I was just joking..... however yall truely have funny accents :rolleyes:
  18. Well it depends what part of the UK you go to, you do get some, uh, interesting variations of the "British" accent :p
  19. £129 for ticket £3 fuel yea i will be going if tickets dont sell out stright away
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