[Discussion] Auction spamming issue in chat.

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  1. This has been happening far too much lately. As per the rules:

    'Shops and residences'. Some of us feel that auctions should not be in this category. Links to selling/buying, etc would be fine but imo, and many others as well, an auction post should not be allowed in town chat. This should be treated the same as an early bump on a thread or posting your auction on someone else's thread. Posting your link every 5 minutes jumping around to all servers just seems like an unfair advantage and circumvention of the auction rules. Some of them has been asked nicely to stop, but it continues. It all starts with 1 person doing it, then more and more are doing it. Soon it'll be non stop unless this is addressed.

    This is something that alot of us are unhappy with and we want to discuss it. This is not a thread for people to call others out. If you have an opinion, post it. Let's discuss this without fighting.
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  2. I believe they allow you to since its only 1 message per server, it is fine. The mods I see usually say "only advertise once every 20-30 mins" , so as long as they are not overloading the server chat with "Bid on this auction", it is fine
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  3. This is the issue. It's not 20-30 mins. It's every 5 or sometimes sooner. It's it also should be posted in /chat e and not in /chat t.

    Agreed there.
  4. I agree with that being spam, you should /report it.
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  5. I vote for an end to this. Join, Spam, Leave, Join, Spam, Leave. It's gotta go.
  6. Yeah this happens way to often and needs to stop :p
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  7. i want the red forum advertising dissapear. and it would be nice if in private the map hide/show comes back. so the user knows its changed. the online/offline spam can push indeed messages quick out the screen.
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  8. I would also like to see this changed. If people use the website they will look at auctions if they want to.
    There is no need to advertise in game for something thats not in game, that should be for shops.
    It defeats the point of having the rule about bumping every 3 hours also.
    In game Auctions it should be fine, auctions on the website should stick to the website.
    It counts as spamming in my books
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  9. I full agree with this.

    I was talking to someone the other day about this very thing. It's like clockwork, every so often the same players join server, post their advert in town chat, then immediately leave. I have serious flashbacks from playing wow and gold sellers.

    The reason, from my understanding of it, that people post this tripe in town chat is because that's accessible to many more players if they are town or not (supporters). While Economy, you can only talk in and see if you are in town. Fine, post an advert every 20m, but keep it in economy. This should be a hard rule.
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  10. It is allowed and should be... However, it's not allowed in town chat. Krysyy has said that it's not allowed and muted people for it (for 5 minutes) but no staff seem to follow along... That's a problem.
  11. Problem is they gotta get caught first by staff that aren't tied up in another matter - ending a griefer runs > stopping an auction spammer. Plus, its dangerous for us to /report it because a misfire is a two-day ban for us...and unless you're server-hopping a lot this area is full of conjecture.

    This is one of those times where a cross-server economy chat could be advantageous, but I also see the drawbacks that could come as a result of it.
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  12. I do keep on seeing many spams in the town chat. I think the advertising should be kept to a minimum of 20-30 minutes. When my shop is open, I'm not really advertising it in the town chat. I just usually advertise my shop through the signatures on the website and on my own page.
    People should stop the spamming of the ads, because yes, it's very irritating and is going against the rules.
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  13. it's a simple command though - /mute penguind 5m Use /c e for advertising. Or whatever the command is. Thing is, I haven't seen the rule enforced more than once.

    Though I am suprised I have not gotten tembanned for false reporting :p But I am also not afraid to use /report... At all. I maybe use it too much.
  14. But it's not a false report, right? Isn't there chat logs?
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  15. I have been told otherwise. Yes, by staff.

    Though I still don't think it is, I guess so. I wasn't told that it was a false report, but that advertising auctions in chat wasn't against the rules...
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  16. Yeah, advertising isn't against the rules, but just repeatedly advertising the auction is. Like the rules say, don't advertise unless it's necessary.
  17. It does need to be clarified. Economy chat is completely useless if people aren't encouraged to use it.
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  18. I believe that the players that are advertising auctions, shops etc are really just excited. I guess they've all worked really hard and they just want people to appreciate it.

    but I agree that spamming rules in the chat should be reviewed and clarified and that players should be reminded of these rules, because if they are a new player they may have forgotten a rule...:)
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  19. I don't think the posting of an auction thread in itself is the issue. This is something that has increased in the last few weeks. It's happening more and more, so much so that many are getting annoyed. The rules may allow it, but maybe it's time to review the rules and make adjustments. I've seen this 1 person doing this ALL day now, not stop, and is still doing it. I think it's better to talk about this now before it's overtaking the chat.
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