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What do you think?

I see nothing wrong with auction bumping. Leave the system the way it is. 27 vote(s) 56.3%
I don't like auction bumping, but I have a better solution which I will reveal in the comments. 5 vote(s) 10.4%
I don't like auction bumping, and I think this is a good solution. 8 vote(s) 16.7%
I don't like auction bumping, and I like your solution, but the it should be discouraged, not banned 6 vote(s) 12.5%
I don't participate in auction stuff, so this really doesn't apply to me. 2 vote(s) 4.2%
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  1. So, with the new "Doublechest auction" rule, there have beens TONS of new auctions popping up. Seeing all these auctions brings up a point I forgot to make before I went to camp: is bumping of an auction by the owner really ok? I have a mixed opinion on this. On one hand, you always want to maximize your opportunity for making money; bumping just gets more people in the door, right? Well, what if you're involved in an auctionand the owner bumps every couple hours. You don't have enough money to keep up with everyone who checks the forums today. Why should you have to pay more just because the seller can type "BUMP :D" and raise the price like that?
    MY solution is something like this: ban auction bumping. However, as long as potential bidders are notified of a bumping pattern, it is acceptable. Example:
    Yes? No? Am I just a bumbling idiot? Feel free to comment!
  2. Bumping is already "banned" according to the rules, but the rules are not enforced; I wish they were.

    I'd prefer if there was a ban on all posts that are not bids. From anyone - including the person posting the auction.

    In fact, that's what the rules already say...but it's not enforced. I've asked mods, and they say that a certain level of "chatter" and "bumping" is (to them) acceptable.

    I think that auctions would be much better if the rules were actually enforced, ie;

    Do not post in an auction thread unless it meets one of the following criteria:

    • You are asking a question about the posted item.
    • You are making a bid on an item.
    • You won and are discussing transaction details with the host.
    I hate bumping; I think it's spammy. I really don't like the off-topic chatter in auctions.But, I have to "bump" my own auctions, to keep up with other people - if I complain about others "bumping", the mods won't enforce the rules... so I'm forced to do it as well.
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  3. I don't have a problem with bumping by the auctioneer if there's a reasonable time period in between. Ive seen people bump with as little as twenty minutes between or maybe five minutes after a bid. The latter is just silly because the bid itself is a bump.

    What I'd really like to see enforced is non-bidder's comments. There's nothing more irritating than to be the most recent bid then have some dolt pop in and make a useless comment. To make it worse, you can't say anything about it to complain without bumping it.

    Another thing I see a lot is people complaining about the starting bid being too high. There will be ten comments about how much the item is worth. Then the auctioneer lowers the starting bid and three bids into the auction the bids are up to what the original starting bid was anyway.

    I've declined bidding in auctions either because of my opinion of the auctioneer or because the thread had already attracted commenters. I've also stopped bidding in auctions after I thought the bumping had become excessive. I'd simply like to see the rules enforced.

    How's this idea: If you make a comment in an auction thread, you are automatically held accountable for whatever the next bid would be. If you make the first comment, you've automatically made the starting bid. After the start, your comments are a bid increment each time. If the commenter wins and can't pay, they will be black listed from commenting on the forums until they pay for the auction.
  4. I bump my Auction but only after 5 bids have been placed or 5 hours or so have pass since the last bid. When I do that i don't say "bump or Come one plz bid more this item is work alotz" I usaully say "The Current Leader in the Auction is "username" with winning amount of "number of Rupees" and other like it but like Pab1os said their are members out that bump every 5-20 min begging for more bids spamming their own auction and making people who have already bid get annoyed with useless Alerts and making other people who want to bid not bid at all

    Edit: forgot to put hours after 5 :p
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  5. I say that the auction system should be set in stone where u are only able to to bid on the thing with a bid button or able to type in the new amount.
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  6. Love ya Herb but you bump all your auctions as far as I know.

    I honestly don't care, just watch how much you are doing it. Maybe once every 12 hours or so.
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  7. Or there should be a bump system where every 5 hours it puts it at the top of the most recent threads
  8. I don't really care about bumping, and I do it myself but I think auction threads should have a cooldown to post. Example: When I post RIGHT after me posting this Ill get 20secs cooldown I think it was 20secs :p But if it was 3hours on auction threads it will be nice, and as I said I don't care about it but someone clearly cares about it :D
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  9. It's against the rules to bump?
    Everyone has be telling me it's allowed but with a period of 3 hours difference per bump.I've been bumping my threads each 3hours+ :/
  10. I think their should either be a seperate scroll bar thing for auctions, and that there is a "see more" option. Also, they need to enfore the bumping rules. I hate when I try to set up a discussion, and it gets off the bar in 5 minutes since a couple of noobs are spam bumpin their auctions. And I have only ever done ONE auction. And bumped every 5 hours. But I used the sneaky way. You bump it RIGHT after a bid, confirming it or something. And then you delete the comment, and repost the EXACT SAME THING! It worked pretty well. Someone even congratulated me that I managed to sell an item without bumping, since that way is more discreet.
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  11. I dont care if people bump...To be honest I bump myself but only when the auction is almost over and I dont even bump it per say I just say Blahblah is in the lead with 1 Million rupees (haha I wish)
  12. I want an Ebay type system

    Have either a drop box where you set your item(s) and quantity, or type it, have a box where you type in the time after last bid or time ending. have a box that sets the bid increments, etc.

    Then for the bidder, it would be nice to set a "max" bid.
    For example if you really want an item. You set your max bid to 1000. So if someone bids 300, and the bid increments are 50 your bid auto goes to 350.

    But I do not think auctions should show up on recent activity, they should be actual listings like Ebay.

    And once you win, you either A. Have an auto pay feature, or B have a pay now button and it does it all right here on the forums.

    Listings could be sorted by the bidder.
    You can make things such as [Category, (I,E Tools, Food, Blocks, etc)(Current bid)(Time ending) etc]

    I know this may be hard to code in, but I think in the end, it will help prevent invalid bids and people bumping their auctions all the time.
    Because if we all bumped our auctions all the time, no one's auction would appear on top, having a process like this will make it so no ones particular auction is on top UNLESS it is in the time ending soonest, or lowest/highest bid.
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  13. Well, auctions should get their own sidebar, as well as being able to search for a product and getting a listing.
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  14. Implying in the Auction forums you can't Edit or Delete ANYTHING.
  15. So the way that I see it is that it's ok.
    Have you ever seen a soccer or football game and there are people who comment on the game. To keep the watchers interested they say what is happening, even if they say witch pass is made or who's wining. They, in a sense, "bump" the game. Now, instead of bumping constantly, I would say every hour or so.

    So yeah :p
  16. yes.... I do. I don't want to - it's against the rules. But, when I've reported others for it, mods tell me that they don't mind "reasonable" levels of bumping. So if I don't do it, I just lose out to the others.

    If mods enforced their own rules... I think the auctions would be a happier place.

    Until they do... if I don't "bump" my auctions, I lose out to people that do. And that isn't fair.
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  17. See.... problem we have here is... some thing it's OK to "bump" maybe after 1 hour. Others, 5 hours. Others, after 5 bids. Or whatever.

    All very complicated, and I am a firm believer in the KISS principle. Keep it stupidly-simple.

    No "bumping". No chatter. Nothing. A bid, or your post is deleted and you're warned. 3 strikes, you're out.

  18. Shaun, I'd love you to comment here. Please? <Will also request by PM>
  19. You can't? Well, my auction was before they even had a seperate forum. So.... Ya.
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