"Disconnected by Server"

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Herbrin3, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Aargh, again?

    I couldn't /report. I was lagged a bit, so disconnected.

    Now, can't reconnect. "join free for instant access.." - again?

  2. Server be trolling us all.
  3. PLEASE stop emailing Mods! We cannot do a thing! We are locked out too.... They are working on it as they always do when this happens..... Hang Tight!
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  4. this happened to me aswell and its starting to annoy me!!!:mad:
  5. EMC can't avoid it so don't blame it on them. I'm sure the staff are just as annoyed.
  6. So what do you expect us to do?

    We can't use it. We're asking for help. It's very hard to work out where to ask.

    ICC told me to just look which mods were online, and ask 'em. And you're saying "please don't".

    What should we do?

    Just wait, hope something happens? We've no info, no idea, and don't know who we can ask.
  7. I can't keep up with all the nonsense posted in the threads.

    I just would like to know why I can't connect. "see this thread" doesn't help much, when it's full of inane jokes.

    One mod said I could always see which staff were online; another tells me to "stop emailing us".
  8. That thread is the right one. Sorry if you don't like it but it's the one the ICC has asked us to post in so respect that. I'm sure he's reading every post.

    If it's a network wide problem then remember, the mods are having the same problems.
  9. :) If it helps, I'll explain to the best of my knowledge:

    The hosting company's database thing has gone dogey, causing EMC to have problems with knowing who's whitelisted. JustinGuy is trying to fix it, although he's not having an easy job since he's moving house atm.

    The database stores what EMC needs to run, without it nothing works. The admin's know the problem and hopefully it will be fixed soon :)
  10. We all just gotta sit tight and wait untill they fix the problem. Go make a sandwich, watch some tv, or god forbid .....go outside or something lol
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  11. OK.

    I'm now getting a different error, "you can only be connected to one..." etc.

    But - this general issue - is it going to keep happening?

    Because it happened yesterday, and was out for hours; so - if it's "fixed" again is it going to keep happening?

    Apart from waiting a while until it gets fixed, I can understand there's nothing I can do - but if/when it is, will it happen again a few hours later?
  12. That's good, it means it's sorted. You just need to wait for a server restart or for an mod to kick you. The mods know what to do so no need to ask. :)

    It could happen again, it might not. No-one knows.
  13. i can get on again now
  14. Guys JustinGuy And IcecreamCow know about this problem.
    JustinGuy is moving irl so he cant deal with this problem at the moment. Even though this keeps on happening it cant be fixed until Justin lives in his new home and has time to handle it.
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