6/3/12 - Official "We are working on it" Thread :)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by IcecreamCow, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Once again, so sorry for the stupid database errors. It annoys us as much if not more than it does you, we promise. Good news is, Justin, is again working on it right now. Not even moving across the country can stop him from fixing these stupid server bugs. :)

    When the server is getting reports of being back up again, it will take short time for those who were on the server when it happened to not get the "You can only be on one server at a time" message, but it will fix itself.

    Justin will be getting settled in this week to his new home and will have a bit more time to investigate what has been making this happen so much. Thanks for your patience while he goes through this move. :) :)
  2. Good to hear he's back!
  3. Justin, if you read this. I LOVE YOU!!! <3 :D

    The cow's okay too I suppose
  4. Meanwhile ima go play some CSS someone with me?
  5. Nope CS 1.6 :p
  6. CSS? You mean that code thingy that Copherfield had to do for me? Or am I completely missing something xD
  7. Stupid message, when are you gonna go away

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  8. Thanks ICC .. I almost went outside then to play in the fresh air, but good to know it'll be online soon. I'll be waiting :)
  9. Btw is everyone getting:
    Just want to make sure its not just me getting this message :p
  10. Well you are kinda missing something, CSS is a game made by Valve; CSS stands for Counter Strike: Source :)
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  11. Does this affect our residences resetting after x amount of days? :p
  12. I always miss something :)
  13. I'm guessing it wont since you can still access the server between downtimes.
  14. Could I please also just add that when something like this occurs, please don't everyone post a seperate forum thread about it. You will simply be directed to a different thread and have yours closed. It clogs up the system and takes time away. I suggest that if situations like this occur, to please check the forums first to see if someone has already posted about it before immediately posting a thread yourself. If you have any concerns that it is only happening to YOU and not anyone else, please feel free to contact one of us staff members via PM so we can clarify whether it is player specific or server wide to avoid the mass spamming of threads.

    Thank you. That is all.
  15. CSS as in the game Counter-Strike: Source :)
  16. Yes, that's the message everyone is getting, just with a different code.
  17. Few min ago, there were not this many messages
  18. THis is like IM
  19. Edit button is your friend :)
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  20. No, I got a different code !
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